Dodgers: Jimmy Nelson Gets the Start in a Bullpen Game Sunday

The Dodgers will throw a bullpen game against the Marlins this afternoon. Instead of having Walker Buehler going on 5 days of rest, Dave Roberts opted to go with a team of relievers to get it done. That should help them as they continue to pitch with just 4 starters in their rotation. 

Doc said on Saturday night that the Dodgers would go with Jimmy Nelson to start the game. Nelson was originally a starter in his career and Los Angeles has used him as length in relief.

The hope is that Nelson will be able to go at least 2 innings. Roberts also said that he could potentially go 3 innings depending on how efficient he is able to be. The most pitches he has thrown in a game this year is 26, and that was in his last appearance against the Mariners. 

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The Dodgers should have a number of arms available following Nelson this afternoon. They only needed to use 3 relievers in the win over Miami on Saturday. That was thanks to Trevor Bauer going 7 strong innings and throwing 113 pitches. 

The Dodgers are hosting the Diamondbacks for 4 games starting on Monday. After that, they head up to San Francisco to take on the first-place Giants for 3 games. That means there will likely be another bullpen game in the very near future. 

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  1. nice inning from Vesia, fanning 3;
    waiting for some announcer to
    follow one of his strikeouts with:
    “Ve-SI-a LATER!”

  2. Bozo outsmarts himself again. He gave the guy who’s struggling the most, more innings and guess what he blew the lead.

  3. Very well know that the Dodgers are little banged up, but that was a very weak lineup for yesterday’s game ! Isn’t there some better reserves somewhere in this highly rated farm system that the Dodgers suppose to have ? Some of these guys just can’t hit at this level for what I have seen ? But I guess you try to win with what you got and some these highly paid players are doing too much either, oh well ! Go Dodgers

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