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Dodgers: Joc Pederson Has No Love For His Former Team This Postseason

Dodgers fans have to be missing Joctober at this point in the postseason. With their struggling offense barely making it through so far, watching former players like Joc Pederson and Kiké Hernandez catch fire in October is tough. 

Joc spent the first 7 years of his big league career playing with the Dodgers. In that time, he hit 9 homeruns in the playoffs and drove in 20 runs across 64 games. While he didn’t always put up the best numbers in the regular season, Joc very much came to life when it mattered for Los Angeles. 

Now Pederson is doing it again, this time against the Dodgers. The former Los Angeles outfielder spoke about his former team after a big Game 2 homerun. And while he is probably very appreciative of the organization that drafted him out of Palo Alto High School, there is no love this October. 

And rightfully so. Joc signed with the Cubs in the offseason following a World Series win with the Dodgers in his final season. He was traded to Atlanta over the Summer after Chicago fell well short of where they were hoping to be and ended up trading essentially everyone away. 

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He’s chasing his second World Series in 2 years, but the Dodgers are standing in his way. But one thing is for sure: Dave Roberts and his pitching staff are going to be very careful with how they pitch to JocPop. 

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  1. I don’t think he has to worry, Roberts couldn’t even follow the simple set up man to closer strategy to grab that W in game 2. The series was lost yesterday you’ll see

    1. Don, oh geez Dodgers are down 0-2 to a well rested 88w team they had to play after having to finish off 107w team in game 5 on the road in the real WS, then fly cross country to play on the road because of the stupid MLB rule that a team with a better record can’t have home field advantage because they got through the WC! All these advantages awarded the Braves and they almost lost both games at home!

      Dodgers win the next three, you will see!

      1. Ok, if so Dodgers will have to improve offensively in the clutch. And it may be that if they score 3 or 4 runs, it might not be enough because right now, the starting pitching situation is a bit sketchy Had Dodgers been a little better in clutch situations, maybe Scherzer doesn’t have to come in and close game 5 in SF and maybe Urias would not have been forced into BP duty, thereby jeopardizing his next start.

        1. I will agree that neither Scherzer nor Urias should have been used in relief, completely unnecessary. Dodgers have ample capable relievers.

          1. All I can say is I only wish the Dodgers had half of Boston,s offensive showing so far seen against the Astros. Yes, Houston is short on pitching evidently Even half of the Red Sox run output would have won us both games most likely.

          2. I will say this much, if the Dodgers lose game 3, even I will get nervous. As I see it, all the Braves have done is hold serve.

          3. Paul, just imagine how the outcomes of games 1&2 would have turned out had Tio started game 162 at 1B! Just sayin. Tough to discount what Muncy means to this lineup.

  2. If the Red Sox keep playing like they are right now, neither the Braves or Dodgers will beat them!

  3. I am pretty sure Joc will be a FA. I for one would like to have him back and platoon him with Pollack.

    1. Pollock should be released unless he can figure out how to hit in the postseason! Absolute embarrassment pal! 2019 vs Nats 0-13 with 11 strikeouts! 0-3 in the WC with 1 more strikeout. 3-11. (Omg he got a hit?) but 5 more strikeouts in the NLDS. 1-8 with 3 more strikeouts so far in the NLCS!

      Nice postseason record AJ. But you sure had a nice regular season.

  4. It’s good to see that Joc is doing well. Of course he is missed very much by Dodger fans.

  5. Since this article was about Joc(k)strap… He can stow those pearls IN his jockstrap. And… When he’s done picking up all the loot from those other also-rans he’ll be back signing autographs in the Dodgers’ beer plaza out back.

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