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Dodgers: Joc Pederson Helps Opposing Player With Bat Issue

With the lefty Jose Quintana on the mound for the Cubs, Dodgers’ outfielders Joc Pederson and Alex Verdugo found themselves on the bench at the outset of Sunday’s ball game. During the game — and series for that matter — Cubs second baseman Addison Russell had trouble holding onto his bat.

No seriously, it was a thing even in game 2 of the 4 game series.

After seeing this happen enough during the series, Joc Pederson came up with an invention/solution for Russell’s issue.

Enlisting teammate Alex Verdugo, Pederson taped a bat into Verdugo’s hands as both a helpful option for Russell, as well as a subtle plead to stop send projectiles into the Dodger dugout.

No word yet on whether the product will be available on Amazon Prime as of press time.

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  1. I thought Russell was going to hurt somebody this weekend……….the guy kept slinging his bat around the ballpark all weekend long……….it was ridiculous………did you guys see Joc in the outfield laughing when he Russel lost the bat again AFTER the taping gag?

  2. Robetrs Batting Taylor AFTER Bellinger……….Joe Maddon should have just walked Bellinger every single time he got up to bat………

  3. I don’t think the Dodgers expect Bellinger to hit a homer each time he gets to bat. So why didn’t he just try to get on base yesterday instead of going for a home run? he’s come through with base hits before and could have brought in a run or two. that would have changed the game. And what’s up with Roberts playing Pederson all these game? He’s like what, 1 for 30 something? I know they say they have batters that can hit lefties but it hasn’t worked, not recently. Trying to get someone out of a slump is one thing but this is ridiculous.

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