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Dodgers: Joc Pederson Still Getting Help From Andre Ethier

On Sunday, the Los Angeles Dodgers avoided a sweep in Arizona on the strength of four solo home runs. Most important was the towering home run hit by Joc Pederson in the top of the 11th inning. With one swing of the bat – the Dodgers led the game – and Pederson had one of the longest home runs of the 2019 season for the club.

Furthermore, we learn that Pederson had a little added help. Indeed, the home run was hit with former Dodger Andre Ethier’s bat. This comes to us from Bill Plunkett of the OC Register.

Allegedly, Ethier came to the game on Saturday in Arizona and gave Pederson one of his old pieces of lumber. If you take Pederson at his word, Ethier’s bats have as good a reputation as any still circulating in the league; despite his retirement from the sport a short while ago.

Furthermore, Cody Bellinger is wearing Pederson’s cleats. While this is an aside on the story, Bellinger hit the game-tying home run on Sunday to even the score at three.

Finally, Pederson spoke with Alanna Rizzo on SportsNet Los Angeles about his winning blast. It’s important to note that this was the longest home run of Pederson’s season, and the second-longest of his MLB career at 454 feet.

“It’s huge, we’ve been grinding a little bit the last couple days so it was nice to get a win. Petey came and in and closed it out, it was well-needed. It gets us back on our feet before going home and builds some momentum.”

Joc isn’t one to give a flashy quote, but it’s really nice to see him contributing and being part of a big win as the Dodgers head into their final stretch run before the postseason. They’re going to need his left-handed thunder come October. And hopefully, he’s still got the faith in Ethier’s old bat.

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  1. If only Ethier’s bats would help Pederson become a better hitter(for average), less strikeouts, change his approach when the count is 0-balls and 2-strikes.

    1. I think it’s too late for Jocster to evolve into that .270 or .280 bat we all would like to see; but man does the guy have some serious thumper thunder from the LH side. I guess I appreciate him for what he is – a guy I liked and have been able to enjoy despite his flaws. Baseball players are all a unique archetype in and of themselves aren’t they?

      1. Look what happens when an opposing team say the Cubs with Lester, Hammels, Quintana, All LHP face the Dodgers in the NLDS(best-of-five) or NLCS(best-of -seven), Pederson and his “serious thumper thunder” will be nowhere(sitting on the bench) and we will have “flipping” Hernandez batting 4th for the love of God.

  2. I think should start bulking up and not rely on having to have such an exaggerated swing. He need to have more of Albert Pujos swing letting his feet do more of the work.

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