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Dodgers: Joc Pederson Talks About the New Look Outfield

Calling the Dodgers outfield the best in all of baseball wouldn’t be a stretch by any means. Even before adding Mookie Betts, Los Angeles was packed with talent in the grass. 

Joc Pederson is one of the guys that makes up a star-studded Dodgers outfield in 2020. He talked with us about adding Mookie Betts and the outfield being the best in baseball.

It looks like maybe the best outfield ever. On the field, his [Mookie Betts] leadership, he works extremely hard, he’s locked in to every pitch which is awesome, he’s making plays defensively. Just little things that people miss like his secondary leads. 

Joc obviously had nothing but good things to say about his new Dodgers teammate, both on and off of the field. But Pederson also pointed out that all four starting outfielders are some of the best in baseball. Don’t forget, not only are there two MVP winners, but there are also two guys who could be All-Stars every year. 

And then, hey centerfield there’s another MVP, Oh sorry. Who really does everything and makes everything look easy as well. So it’s a pretty special outfield. And then we have AJ Pollock too and it’s like what? All-Star outfielder, it’s ridiculous. 

Joc Pederson knocked 36 homeruns last year and STILL probably won’t be a full-time outfielder. If that doesn’t tell you how stacked this team is, I’m not sure what will. The Dodgers will have Cody Bellinge and Mookie Betts manning center and right, while likely rotating in a mix of Joc and Pollock in left. 

Add in that the Dodgers also have Chris Taylor and Kiké Hernandez as backup, and we very well might be seeing one of the deepest outfields in all of baseball. Matt Beaty could also be utilized in the outfield if needed. 

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