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Dodgers: Joc Pederson Thinks A Shortened Season Could Attract Fans

It’s difficult to look at the positives when faced with the season Dodgers fans are currently looking at. Luckily, veteran outfielder Joc Pederson is helping us do just that. In an interview with AM 570, Pederson gave his thoughts on what a shortened season would look like for baseball.

Joc’s thought was that if the league did have to shorten the season, that it would intensify the games that were played, however many that might. For instance, if the season was cut down to just one-hundred games, then each game would matter that much more. When asked about whether or not the game’s competitiveness would remain in a short season, Joc had this to say. 

I think it would, who knows maybe it’s a good thing. We come back from this and everyone’s like ‘oh my god the games are so intense’ or something. And more people tune in, maybe that’s part of it. Get more people involved, who knows. 

While the Dodgers’ outfielder might think so, there are plenty that want to discredit a short season. Yankees’ legend Mariano Rivera felt that a team that wins the World Series in a short season didn’t actually win anything. 

Regardless, Joc seems to be making the best of this forced time off. He talked about playing video games with some guys on the team as well as spending time with his young daughter and wife during his free time. While Joc is ready to get back to baseball as soon as possible, he knows the gravity of what’s happening in the world.

You got to adapt, it’s a crappy situation so everyone needs to stay inside and stay safe so we can get over it as soon as possible.

Wise words from a wise guy. Get back soon baseball, we miss you dearly. 

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