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Dodgers: Joe Davis Almost Missed This Call in 2019

Joe Davis is a master of his craft, but like everyone else it the world, he’s bound to make a mistake every once in a while. The Dodgers’ play-by-play man talked with us about the difficulties of having to call road games over television monitors this week. Davis gave us the perfect example of what is was like to misread a ball off of the bat and almost make an incorrect call from the booth. 

On Jackie Robinson Day last year, the Reds were in town and took a lead over the Dodgers in the ninth inning off of a Matt Kemp RBI. That set the stage for Joc Pederson to come up and play hero against Raisel Iglesias.

Off of the bat, it looked and sounded like the ball Joc had hit was going to clear the stadium. Joe Davis let out an emphatic call that ended up almost being a little bit premature. Joc’s ball did get out and win the game for the Dodgers, but just barely. 

The walk-off he[Joc Pederson] hit on Jackie Robinson Day last year against the Reds, you wanna talk about one where I called it with conviction. Because I see him start to pimp it and so I start to say something like ‘He’s ended the night’ or something like that. And then my heart fell through my feet when I saw the ball get out by like three inches. I’m calling it like the thing is gonna clear the pavilion and it barely clears the fence. 

We have no doubt that Joe will be just as effective and entertaining watching games on TV monitors as he is during a normal year. The man is just that good at his job, alongside the very entertaining Orel Hershiser. But we can’t help to laugh along at this story, because we all know that it ends in a Dodgers win anyways.

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