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Dodgers: Joe Davis Announces SportsNet LA Team to Broadcast Opening Day 2020

Finally, some refreshing news we can all use about the Los Angeles Dodgers playing baseball again. Seriously – fast forward your mind to the spring – March 26 to be exact. By then the winter months will be in our wake. 

Of course the Los Angeles Dodgers will open up their 2020 regular season at home like the starlet franchise they are. They will welcome the San Francisco Giants managed by Gabe Kapler. More important, the game will be broadcast on ESPN; and Joe Davis and Orel Hershiser will be on the call. 

Indeed, this news comes from Davis’ personal twitter today and should bring all who see it a lot of delight. 

In the past, ESPN has used a broadcast team of Jessica Mendoza, Alex Rodriguez, and Matt Vasgersian. However for this occasion, Davis says that the broadcast isn’t exclusive. Therefore, Dodgers fans will get to enjoy the broadcast tandem affectionately known as ‘JoRel’. 

While we are a few years removed from the legend himself Vin Scully, we remain in good hands with a pair of individuals like Davis and Hershiser who love what they do and appreciate the rabid fan base of the Dodgers. 

Finally, how refreshing is it to think about the Dodgers playing meaningful baseball again? With all the storylines being about sign-stealing and who the team might sign, this news comes in handy as something positive we can all look forward to. Obviously, that’s what life is all about; looking forward to a big event.

In essence, that’s what makes Opening Day so special. It’s a new beginning, and the start of the climb back up the inevitable hill. Now, all of us get to share it with Joe Davis and Orel Hershiser. Without question, it never should have been any other way. 

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  1. Love it. JoRel are amazing. You can tell they have become friends and respect each others contribution. They have fun on the broadcast and we do too.
    I live in AZ so get the MLB broadcast. I would gladly pay for pre and post game shows but LA is one of the few that do not offer it.

  2. I agree . These guys are great together .
    I watch the games and I cringe when ESPN broadcasts the game with Alex R. ( “when I was …blah blah ” ) and Mendoza the ” repeater”.
    Matt Vasgersian is really good though.
    Still , for my money you can’t beat Joe and Orel !

  3. Personally I prefer Nomar as the analyst over Hershiser. Nomar doesn’t talk as much but he gives more information than Hershiser. However I’ll take Joe and Orel any day of the week over that ESPN crew!

  4. I mute the sound every time I find Joe Davis is calling the game. I hate the guy. I prefer the visiting team broadcast

  5. Joe Davis does a great job, especially after following Vin in the booth.
    Orel is another story. Seems to me he starts a story and it always ends being about him, him, him. A former great pitcher yes, broadcaster not so much

    1. Orel bores the hell out of me, Everything is about himself and too much of a homer. Talks a lot and doesn’t say anything, too much useless information

  6. As a lifelong Dodgers fan who was spoiled by Vin Scully, I readily admit, Joe Davis does a horrible job with the games. He rambles about topics away from the game itself. He has no idea how to paint a picture of the game action to make it more exciting. He just isn’t a good announcer, and that’s unfortunate. Dodgers could do better for their fan base.

  7. Please tell Davis and Hersthiser to stick with the baseball game. Way to much talk about food places, food and other distracting subjects. We are trying to WATCH the Game.

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