Dodgers: Joe Davis Indicates No Interest Detroit Job Opportunity

With many changes to the Los Angeles Dodgers broadcast team – one thing remains steadfast. The beacon in the booth that is Joe Davis will not be entertaining another job opportunity.

Equally important, Davis was asked about his interest in the Detroit Tigers job. Moreover, this is interesting because Davis was a Michigan native.

Furthermore, Davis let everyone know he’s happy with the Dodgers.

Dodgers fans can breathe a sigh of relief after reading the quotes.

“It’s not like we immediately said no and would never move back,” Davis said. “It’s something that we discussed because I think it could be a special position where whoever gets it, the right fit can be there for a really long time.”

“A few years ago, definitely would have been interested,” Davis said. “But we’re really happy in L.A. So that’s a no.”

Two years after replacing the legendary Vin Scully, Davis is carving out his own legacy at the ripe young age of 31. With Orel Hershiser as his sidekick and Alanna Rizzo on the field – Los Angeles fans are treated to the best coverage in baseball on a nightly basis.

Moreover, I have met Joe Davis. He is absolutely as humble and as prince of a man as anyone I’ve encountered in show business. We are all very fortunate to call him one of our own. Davis finished up the story with a great quote that allows us to know he’s right at home.

“It really is living a dream,” Davis said. “There’s still frequently pinch me moments and I hope I never lose that feeling. I hope I never become jaded about it because it is really special that I get to do what I have always dreamt of doing, back like I said, I was in fifth or sixth grade, knowing it’s exactly what I wanted to do. And to be able to do it at a place like Dodger Stadium and do NFL games, do the big college games we’re doing, it really has been special. I don’t see it ever losing its luster for me.”

It feels like Davis has been a part of the Dodgers family for longer than he has. Indeed, here’s to decades longer of Davis’ voice making memories. It sounds like his intention is to do just that.

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  1. Who is Joe Davis? Sorry but I have not been able to watch Dodger baseball for what is 4-5 years now. I can be at Dodger stadium in an hour but am still blacked out. I couldn’t even watch Vinns last game how sad is that for a person who is 61 now and grew up on his voice. He might as well go back to Detroit because 70% of Dodger nation has never heard him.

    1. You can watch vin scullys last game on YouTube in full. I know it’s bs that you couldn’t watch it live and I hate our greedy corrupt ownership and feel compassion for the fans

    2. I feel embarrassed that I don’t know who Vin’s replacement is. I hate not being able to watch games on a regular basis; I must settle for nationally televised games – for now.

    1. Hooray! Joe, Orel, and Allana make watching the games just about as good as when Vinnie and Jerry (and later Drysdale) were the voices that brought my Dodgers to me! The Beat Goes On!!

  2. I really appreciate Joe Davis–best acquisition management has made. Having Joe eases the pain of no Vinny. Go Dodgers!

  3. I always thought he was a straight up nice guy. Good to hear he’s going to be around for a long time.

  4. Joe is professional and not as biased as many hometown announcers, but don’t compare anyone with Vin Scully.

  5. I like Davis. If Buck wasn’t royalty then Davis or Costas could be doing the big games with no bias and superior announcing skills and conversation and the world would be a better place. I hope mlb does the right thing one day and cans Buck. There’s better more deserving guys. Crazy how buck has ruined two sports cause he had a daddy

  6. I think Joe is a fine fellow, however I don’t think he’s the future of Dodgers Broadcasting.

    People will laugh and jeer at this but Petros and Money would be an excellent tv broadcast team. Money is excellent at play by play for the Chargers, baseball wouldn’t be a problem. Petros would be entertaining doing color.

    After Charlie and Moe retire Petros and Money should be a simulcast.
    You’re laughing now, but it will work!

  7. Hey Joe—
    Great choice, but can you recommend me for the Detroit job?

    Thanks again,

    Steve Fj

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