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Dodgers: Joe Kelly and Blake Treinen Still On Track To Start the Season

The Dodgers bullpen will always be something that makes fans nervous. It’s been that way for many years, but management hopes this is the year they can put that all behind them. Guys like Joe Kelly and Blake Treinen will be integral to the bullpen solution, and they appear to be ready to get going.

Joe Kelly was brought in prior to the start of the 2019 season with the hopes he could lock down some late innings. Kelly stumbled out of the gates for the Dodgers, ultimately pitching to a 4.56 ERA in 51 innings of relief. When asked about the injury that plagued him towards the end of last season, Roberts seemed encouraged.

I haven’t heard anything of it so I would assume it’s behind him. So just kind of the one-inning outing, he’s just kind of a regular reliever.

Another reliever that the Dodgers brought on was Blake Treinen. After a near Cy Young worthy campaign in 2018, Treinen came tumbling back to earth the following season. He pitched to the tune of a 4.91 ERA and 5 blown saves. Ultimately the Dodgers liked what they saw and took a risk on a $10 million deal.

When asked why Treinen has not made an appearance in a spring game so far, Roberts seemed fairly unfazed.

I think that just understanding that right now we see him as the one inning so as far as throwing to hitters getting into a game…we’re just comfortable with him throwing pens.

He went on to explain that Treinen isn’t really behind schedule because they view him as a one-inning guy anyway for the season.

Whatever the case, the pair should make quite the duo out of the Dodgers’ bullpen in 2020.



  1. Doc hasn’t spoken with Kelly regarding his health and last year’s injury? What’s with that? Pretty hard to believe actually.

  2. The two most disappointing players last year were Kelley and Pollack, who also happened to be the two big aquisitions prior to the 2019 season. They will both have to reinvent themselves just to avoid hurting the team. Trading either one of them would be a blessing, but probably impossible because they are so grossly overpaid.

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