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Dodgers: Joe Kelly Forgives Fan That Interfered on a Foul Ball in the Astros Series

Wednesday had the potential to provide a few different forms of vengeance for the Dodgers and their fans. Not only did they get the win, but they almost got a really good rematch of one of their favorite memories from 2020. 

Joe Kelly had Carlos Correa right where he wanted him. Facing the Astros shortstop in the 8th inning, Kelly got him to loft a fly ball into the right-field corner. It was going to be a tough play, but Dodgers outfielder Cody Bellinger had a beat on it over the wall in foul territory. 

Instead, a fan reached over his glove and made the catch. Correa would go on to launch a moonshot to left field to put the Astros within 4 of the Dodgers. But Kelly doesn’t hold a grudge against the fan. He talked about it with am570’s Dave Vassegh this week. 

It didn’t bother me honestly. It was in foul ground, you know? It was a tough play for anyone to read. So if you felt bad, don’t feel bad. You didn’t have anything to do with it. Stuff like that happens. If it was a playoff game I might feel a little bit different, but it was a regular game.

He mostly said that last part about the playoffs in jest. But Dodgers fans weren’t so quick to allow the fan to get off of the hook. He got booed mercilessly at the game and his face was blasted all across the internet. 

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But the good news is that Joe forgives him and that poor fan can move on. Let this be a lesson: if it’s going to benefit the Dodgers, stay out of the way! 

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  1. The fan caught the ball in foul territory and even Hershiser said that the fan did nothing wrong, that he had every right to the ball.
    However, that broke the Golden Rule:
    If at all possible, never interfere with a player on “your” team when they have an opportunity to make a catch, especially in an important game. The fan obviously was a Dodgers’ fan and he gave no thought to Bellinger having a chance to catch that ball.
    Fortunately, the Dodgers had a lead of 5 runs before Correa hit the HR.
    But aside from what the fan did, shame on Kelly for giving it up like that when he had 2 strikes on Correa and giving Correa “his moment” even though the Dodgers ended up winning the game.
    Same holds true for Jansen allowing the 2 run HR in the 9th.
    The Dodgers did not kick the Astros when they were down.

    1. The hitting has often gone into that inconsistency zone this year. Injuries have been in abundance but those healthy enough players must be better than they have shown with RISP.

    1. Imagine that! A pro athlete has a grownup response to the press. Good to see once in awhile.

  2. The Dodgers need top start playing baseball…..manufacturing runs when RISP with less than 2 outs…..stealing bases, bunting runners over or a fly ball when runner is on 3rd…..less than 2 outs….follow the ANGELS lead on scoring runs….small ball when possible, less big swings for the HR….need to score runs in bunches….not a stick number but the crooked number for runs….

    Seems like the middle of the lineup all want top hit the HR…..give me base hits, line drives….
    STOP THE SHIFT DEFENSE with runners on base and play Double prevent in the latter innings when they lead by one run…..

    They’re supposed to be the WS CHAMPS…..

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