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Dodgers: Joe Kelly Hits Former Astros Cheater Jake Marisnick, Was It Intentional?

We’ll just never get past this and, honestly, that’s ok. Because the Houston Astros cheated against the Dodgers in the 2017 World Series. But, on Tuesday, the internet was up in arms after the legendary Joe “nice swing” Kelly drilled former Astro outfielder Jake Marisnick with a 98 mile-per-hour fastball.

Marisnick was hit up and in by a pitch that Joe Kelly seemingly lost a grip on. You be the judge of the incident along with us.

WATCH: Joe Kelly Hits Jake Marisnick!

Of course, Joe Kelly wasn’t a member of the 2017 Dodgers. But that hasn’t stopped him from taking things into his own hands at times for LA. The most famous moment happened in 2020 in Houston when Joseph threw up and in to Houston cheater Carlos Correa before dropping his infamous pouty face on him soon after.

In all likelihood, the pitch that hit Marisnick wasn’t intentional. But that didn’t stop people from pondering the question.

More Joe Kelly vs the Astros

What are your thoughts? Continue the conversation in the comments below. Looking forward to reading the gEt ovEr iT and jOe keLly waS a cHeaTer toO comments from Trashtros fans!

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  1. In such a critical moment, he would have had to be crazy to intentionally hit a batter. LA is fighting for a Division title. There is no room for stupidity.

  2. You know you are successful when you make an intentional act look completely unintentional. If anyone could pull that off I’d vote for Joe Kelly

    But hit batsmen are fairly common place as pitchers are having trouble controlling the ball especially since they now need their hats and belts and God knows what else checked for that dreaded foreign substance. Look at all the wild pitches this year including quite a few that have caused the winning run to score in “walk off” fashion

  3. Joe has always been wild. He reminds me in a way of Mitch (Wild Thing) Williams. So no I dont think it was intentional. Joe has had better control this year; but he still will throw 4 or 5 pitches in a row here and there no where near the plate. Then immediately sharp again. However……..

  4. No. This is not worthy of an article. No pitcher in the entire MLB is going to hit a batter 0-2, in a tight game in that situation. Especially a player who was injured for the entire 2017 post season. Please delete this article. You’re just click baiting people.

  5. I’m just glad to see any Dodger pitcher hit an opposing hitter just to know they can. Our batters have been getting hit all year. When we play the Giants in the postseason, I would like to see one of our pitchers plant one into Alex Wood. I haven’t forgot two hit batters in a row.

  6. All baseball players are cheaters in one way or another if you haven’t figured that out well people are narrow minded Joe Kelly is just a wuss

  7. So sad that the dodgers have made so many world series lately but only won one in a season that probably shouldn’t count. Last time I checked Kelly was a member of the cheating 2018 red Sox that also spanked yalls a$$!

  8. Can we say hypocrite? Didn’t he & Mookie Betts play for the Boston Red Sox who also beat the Dodgers & the Red Sox were also accused of stealing signs!!!. The Dodgers are the biggest hypocrites & whining team. Also earlier this year their pitchers were accused of putting stuff on the balls to speed up the balls. This is why the pitchers have to be check after every inning. People in glasses shouldn’t throw stones!!!!

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