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Dodgers: Joe Kelly is Spearheading a Campaign to Prove Baseball Isn’t Boring

Baseball has fallen out of favor in the landscape of North American sports and Joe Kelly is here to change that. Kelly is leading an initiative to help get baseball back to the glory days. The reliever laid out the Baseball Isn’t Boring mission statement via Twitter video this past Wednesday.

“Since there’s no baseball as of now, we need to show support and we ned to connect more with our fans. Especially with them not being too happy with what’s going on with the situation.”

As Kelly states, the MLB lockout certainly isn’t helping matters.

Kelly is doing his part by offering to send three fans personalized autograph items for the best social media post showing why baseball isn’t boring with the hashtag #baseballisntboring. Fans also need to tag Kelly’s account @Baseballisntboring in their submissions. 

“Give us a reason why baseball isn’t boring so we can get this conversation going and hopefully lead a revolution of changing the game of baseball.”

The new King of Baseball Fun has thrown down the gauntlet.

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  1. Baseball ain;t ever boring because EVERY pitch has a different situational possibility and u HAVE to be ready for this! Adjustments and the understanding of what must be done if “this or that” happens means you must be adjusting every single pitch! How can you ever be bored when ur brain has to be working ALL the time? It’s why I love this game!

  2. We need Joe Kelly. It would be a big mistake not to re-sign him. He’s found a home here in LA and the fans love him. That’s got to stand for something. And by the way, he can still throw the heater and if he stays healthy what a great set up man he will be.

  3. i never needed this to make me love me some joe kelly. this guy is so REAL and HIMSELF, i can’t help but respect the hell out of him. doesn’t hurt that he recaptured his 2018 world series form. super-stupid mistake if the doyers don’t re-sign him for a few more years. fans love him, teammates love him…

  4. Very simple and intimate for me why baseball is vibrant to me. It takes me back to my youth. When I would rather play baseball than eat, drink, or sleep. Dating I admit was a close second. Those were days never to be forgotten the thril of fielding a tricky grounder, a hot line drive, laying off a high pitch, hitting the dirt avoiding a brush-off pitch, laying down a drag bunt.

  5. I love the game and never (well, almost never) find it boring (nothing in life is perfect …..for many reasons including: its elegance/finesse and intelligence, depth of strategy (with each pitch), the friendship on and off the field (intra as well as inter team), the many ways a team can win (or lose), the rich history, the international multicultural demographics and racial diversity…..ya, I know…too many words…..but the major sport with the most cerebral GAME WITHIN THE GAME….Baseball is the Chess of Sports.

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