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Dodgers: Joe Kelly Not Afraid of Potential MLB Battle if He Hits Another Batter

It’s not really a secret at this point that Joe Kelly is unhappy with Major League Baseball. The Dodgers’ reliever has been borderline critical of how the league has handled his suspension, and the suspensions handed out around baseball. He is also among a group of players that have been outspoken on hows the league handled the Astros’ cheating scandal. 

Kelly was also labeled as MLB as a “repeat offender” in their decision to suspend him for his role in the benches-clearing incident against Houston. The question was asked by Dodgers media if that would change his approach this season since the league might look at him differently now. Kelly said that his approach would not be changing. 

I’m not going to change the way I pitch. If pitching inside I accidentally hit a batter, if something comes out of it and they say that I hit somebody, I guess I’m going to have no other choice than to fight it even further.

The reliever spoke with Dodger Talk host Dave Vassegh about the frustration of the appeal process and fighting for what he felt was right after the hearing that reduced his original 8 game suspension to 5. From that, however, it seems that Kelly learned a bit more about how the process works and he seems more ready than ever to be back on the hot seat, if necessary.

And I wouldn’t be afraid to hire my own personal attorneys and go after people that say that [expletive] is on purpose. That’s the last thing that’s going through my head when I’m on the mound. They call a fastball inside, it’s not going to change my gameplan. It’s something I haven’t thought about until now honestly. 

Although he admitted nothing would change, Kelly did say that it wouldn’t surprise him if people assumed that he was doing something intentionally. After all, that’s what he says the league did in that incident with the Astros. The Dodgers and Astros are also set to play this weekend, though Kelly will not be available. 

Joe Kelly Back for the Dodgers Postseason?

Kelly is currently on the injured list recovering from shoulder inflammation. He is set to be activated by the Dodgers this week, after which he will begin serving his suspension. Although time seems to be running out, Dave Roberts did say he expects him to be ready by the time playoffs come around.

Joe Kelly Talks Frustrations Over Injury, MLB’s Suspension of Yankees’ Chapman and More

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  1. The league has several players that armor up their arms and lean over the plate to get hit and dare the umpires to call it. Which they rarely do.
    Pitchers must be allowed to pitch inside. MLB wants a sterile game, We shall see how this plays out.

  2. Did you actually say Kelly is recovering from would inflamation? What is that? Did you mean wood inflamation? Maybe I can help him w that?

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