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Dodgers: Joe Kelly Reveals Where The Famous Face Came From on Ross Stripling’s Podcast

Joe Kelly might not be a runway model, but he has a look that broke the internet last month. That look, of course, came during the Dodgers’ sweep of the cheating Astros in Houston. While much has already been made about his feelings regarding the players from that team, his silly face was the true star of the altercation that ultimately got him suspended for 5 games.

Kelly talked about the look he gave Carlos Correa with teammate Ross Stripling and his co-host Cooper Surles on their “Big Swing Podcast.” More specifically, he revealed where that look originated from.

Honestly, it’s a face that my wife gives me… sometimes I complain a little bit too much. If get a cold. If I have a headache. I’m very vocal. So, I don’t really take it as ‘hey, I’m dying,’ but I just say that very loud. So, she’ll give me a ‘boo hoo’ face, like, ‘aww, you’re so sick, you need help. oh, you want me to make you soup… it’s so tough for you.’

if you’re looking for the foundation of any loving relationship, this is it! Joe and his wife Ashley have been together since college at UC Riverside and married since 2013. After a season-plus of Joe Kelly in the Dodgers bullpen, fans can only imagine the type of person it takes to deal with him… 

Moreover, Kelly explains how that face was perfect for the situation with Correa.

When Carlos is chirping back at me, the boo hoo face felt right because it just sounded like he was complaining, so I was just like, ‘aww, boo hoo.’ So, for me it just sounded like a bunch of whining and now I know exactly what my wife feels like. … so it just felt right in the moment — spur of the moment, it’s not like you game plan for that king of thing. It’s a reaction. It was my interpretation of him acting like a child so I wanted to give him a little child’s face.

Now you know the facts behind the face that Joe Kelly made to Astros cheater Carlos Correa. Most importantly in all of this, Joe also learned an important lesson for him and for his wife.

I’m gonna stop the whining because I didn’t like the whining and now I know she doesn’t like the whining.

Never change, Joe Kelly.

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  1. Great article thanks. Every player on the Asterisks that cheated or condoned the cheating are guilty. Bergman and all of those cheaters should never get another player award, never be an all star and hopefully be banned from any HOF consideration.

    They are proven and admitted liars and cheats the game should have banned them.

    I am sorry Kelly didn’t give them a rib shot instead of scaring the poor babies.

    In years past Gibson, Drysdale and others would have been head hunting those guys.

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