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Dodgers: Joe Kelly Slams the Astros on Ross Stripling’s Big Swing Podcast

In a season filled with precautions due to a pandemic, you would think breaking health rules would warrant suspensions. At the very least, some sort of punishment would be expected. That, however, was not the case with the Astros and Dodgers incident. The Astros very clearly broke health and safety regulations mandated by Major League Baseball and their punishment? A fine to manager Dusty Baker. 

Kelly Speaks Out 

Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly talked about his suspension on the Big Swing Podcast with Cooper Surles and Ross Stripling. Kelly blasted the Astros for letting emotions get the best of them, and for coming into close contact with players as a result. 

I didn’t have an altercation! They had the altercation. I cussed, so did their manager, I walked away, they walked towards me, so where is the altercation there? I want to know what they’re actually thinking because what they’re doing right now, there’s literally no thinking involved. 

When Kelly walked off of the field after striking out Carlos Correa, there was a back and forth. Correa and the Astros came out onto the field and advanced towards the Dodgers dugout. Kelly, knowing what the protocols were, stayed on his side of the field. Correa proceeded to keep walking towards the dugout and even spit during the confrontation, both things that are not allowed according to baseball’s new policy. 

You don’t tell my teammate to shut the [expletive] up and then spit at us during a pandemic, that ain’t right. He’s not looking out for the health of anybody doing that. He’s going to get his own teammates sick doing that if he had the corona[virus]. It could get us sick, that’s just not right. So I will always not respect them that way. 

Kelly was initially issued an 8 game suspension for his part in the fracas. After his appeal to MLB, that was then cut down to 5 games. The Dodgers had placed Kelly on the injured list prior to that, so he will start serving as soon as he is activated.

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  1. Astericks must have pictures of Manfred with farm animals. He has clearly showed his bias and incompetence. Manfred should be sacked. I am sure the Astericks will give him a job as he has been their Boi.

  2. Any real commissioner with any kind of intelligence would have done the right thing. Favoritism is not supposed to be part of the Commissioner duties which he has shown. Let’s get the ball rolling and find out how to get rid of this clown.

  3. Joe Kelly is running his mouth like he’s so high and Mighty… BS. Every team in baseball is either stealing signs or trying to steal signs from the beginning of baseball. And the Dodgers are no exception. Hell High School teams are stealing or trying. If a team is to stupid to not change their signs up then ignorance is what you have. The damn 3rd base coach gives signs to the batter to the base runners on every pitch. Why are these signs not stolen? Because steps are taken. So eat a big one Kelly you cry baby

    1. They did change signs – when guys were on base. And the catcher guards against the sight lines of coaches on both lines. Who expected a team to watch from a zoomed in camera in center field and then communicate via Morse code with batter in real time? Stop making excuses for egregious high tech espionage. It’s NOT baseball.

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