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Dodgers: Josh Reddick’s Bold Claim About Astros Cheating Scandal

By now, Dodgers fans have to be a little tired of hearing about the 2017 World Series. But the fact that the Astros cheated their way to victory doesn’t sit well with any fanbase, especially out in Los Angeles. So of course it’s going to be talked about for many years, and the reputation will continue to follow players on that team.

This week, former Astros outfielder Carlos Beltran spoke out about that 2017 scandal. He claimed that just like everyone else on the team, he was not someone who was going to try to stop it. Buster Olney argued that only Tony Kemp made an effort to stray from the cheating. That prompted a response from another Dodgers fan favorite. 

Josh Reddick jumped into the comments on that and said that he and Jose Altuve also never participated in the cheating. Most Dodgers fans could probably have guessed that given his abysmal performance during the 2017 World Series. Reddick hit .167 in the 7-game series against Los Angeles. 

But the fact remains that the Astros did cheat in order to ultimately win the World Series. Regardless of when the system was used or not, they cheated to win games. It’s a terrible look for Major League Baseball, and chances are it will be remembered for a very long time. Especially by Dodgers fans. 

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Reddick went on to play for a few more teams before landing with the Acereros de Monclova of the Mexican League. He did get his shot at the Dodgers again though, landing a temporary job with the Diamondbacks last season before getting cut. 

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  1. So gosh. Apparently no one on the Astros actually cheated, although they all admitted that the team did. That sounds completely believable.

  2. I still say the Astros should be stripped of the title and 2017 MLB season should go in history with NO world series championship team. Only and asterisk.

    1. Richard – at a MINIMUM. I think not only should they be stripped, but all main perpetrators, coaches, FO, and owners should be banned from Baseball. How can Pete Rose be banned, and the Astros not even get a slap on the wrist? WTH? Also, the team should be dismantled – no more Astros name, and taken out of Houston. They’re unapologetic, arrogant, and a disgrace to baseball (their fans too).

      1. We don’t need cancer culture in baseball. But it’s alarming the Astro’s got nothing done to them for their cheating. Makes me wonder if the Manfred regime picks and chooses their teams each year that they allow maybe ” Juicing” turning their heads on tests. Like for instance last year’s Vagiants that didn’t get worn down from the full season.

  3. I hate cancel culture more than anything, but this is not that. I’m not sure people understand the extent of the damage and long lasting implications that the cheating had on everyone affiliated with mlb. To me this would be justice.

  4. It’s interesting that he claims Altuve didn’t cheat. My recollection is that his home/away splits were about 300 points different. Sorta hard to account for, I would think.

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