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Dodgers: Julio Urias Calls 20th Win of Season a ‘Dream’, Talks First Full Season as a Starter

For the first time in his career, left-hander Julio Urias was a starter for the entire season with the Dodgers. All he did was go out and win 20 games, becoming the first big league pitcher to do reach that feat since Max Scherzer (then with the Nationals) in 2016. He also became the first Dodger to reach 20 since Clayton Kershaw in his MVP 2014 season.

It’s something that’s been a long time coming for Julio who made his MLB debut 6 years ago in New York against the Mets. The Mexican-born ace pitched through injuries, training wheels, legal issues and everything in between to reach this milestone. After securing the win and keeping the Dodgers in the hunt for a ninth straight NL West crown, Julio was elated and reflective of the acheivement.

“It’s something incredible,” Urias said through a translator. “It’s a dream of mine — It’s a dream season. I feel really happy and blessed, honestly.”

Julio walked off the mound to a standing ovation at Dodger Stadium on Saturday night. The first person to greet him in the dugout was a mentor of his, injured left-hander Clayton Kershaw. But the first message he got was that of congratulations from his manager, Dave Roberts.

“I just wanted to congratulate him on a great regular season, Doc said after the game, “and [remind him that] we still have a lot of work to do.”

Before the game, the Dodgers all knew the division-leading Giants had lost to the Padres in extra innings. Lesser pitchers may have bent under the pressure. But for Julio Urias, he put together his best outing in about a month.

“Tremendous outing. We needed every bit of it,” said Roberts. “To do it at home, to cap off a tremendous regular season for him, really proud of him. It’s a feather in his cap winning 20 games. You know those are hard to come by these days, and it’s something I know that he will always remember and be proud of.”

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For much of his six-year career, Urias has shuttled back and forth between the bullpen and starting rotation. This year was finally the year he started and ended the campaign in the rotation. With that, Julio was asked about completing his first full season as a starter.

“I went into the offseason with the attitude that I was going to be a starter and try to maintain that health and try to build myself up to prepare myself for a season like this … Very blessed that I was able to get through it health-wise and everything that followed was obviously very great.”

El Culichi finishes the 2021 regular season with a 20-3 record and a 2.96 ERA. He recorded 195 strikeouts and the team went 26-6 in his starts. The lefty should be firmly entrenched in NL Cy Young conversations.

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  1. He should win the Cy Young award but we all know he’ll get screwed. Unfortunately the Dodgers are the most hated team in baseball followed closely by the Yankees!

  2. The Dodgers need to honor him with something special since they didn’t make a Urias World Series jersey for fans to purchase.Instead,you’ll see fans wearing “bootleg”Urias jersey’s.A loss of revenue for the Dodgers and a slap in the face to the Mexican community….Viva Urias!!!

  3. If by legal troubles you mean domestic abuse, I don’t believe you should mention it as a difficulty he heroically overcame. Call it what it is or do not mention it.

    1. He was never charged with a crime – abuse or otherwise – and there has been no subsequent incident or prior history. He did, however, miss 20 days because MLB suspends players regardless of legal outcome. That was the legal issue appropriate mentioned.

  4. Urias was absolutely amazing last night and instrumental in getting the Dodgers the “W.” Congratulations on a 20 win season!!!

  5. I hope Urias is considered for the Cy Young, great season Thank You. Where would the Dodgers be this year without him ?

  6. Uriah should be seriously considered for the Cy Young award! I couldn’t understand why Buehler and Scherzer were mentioned without Urias being in the picture.
    Who else has been better?

    1. What would be awesome would be the top 3 vote getters being Dodgers. All 3 of our guys should get 1st place votes. Buehler in my mind, should squeak it out. But regardless, Corbin Burnes should have a strike against him for his low inning mark.

      1. Burnes wouldn’t have even won the ERA title had Counsel not pulled him after 2 innings! JT tagged him and I’m sure as hot as we’ve been would have surely gotten a couple more. His body of work doesn’t deserve the Cy Young period!

      2. IMHO wins matter. Julio as the only 20 game winner and very respectable ERA gets my vote as Cy Young.

  7. Another great season from the most consistent player on the team. Julio has always been the one pitcher that the Dodger’s can count on. Congratulations on numero 20!…and the respect from the fans, players and even umpires. I look forward to watching Julio throw the final pitch of this years WS.

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