Dodgers: Julio Urías Did Not Feel Right In His Cactus League Debut

The Dodgers have a lot of details to iron out before Opening Day rolls around. One of those details is the starting rotation, which is stacked to say the least. Julio Urías is one of those guys under consideration, and he was not happy with how his first Cactus League outing went.

A little bit of a command issue. The fastball was running. There were some balls I thought were strikes, but the umpire didn’t agree with me. I felt good, actually better than in my last live [batting practice], but it just wasn’t my day.

Urías came into the game to retire just two batters on a windy day for the Dodgers on Monday. After Freddy Galvis reached on an error, Urías issued a walk and then struck out Aquino. He allowed a base hit which brought in one run, and then a sacrifice fly for another run. Both runs were unearned. 

Manager Dave Roberts did not seem too concerned with Urías’ outing. The first appearance of the spring doesn’t quite tell the whole story.

Julio’s fine. Getting him into a normal routine, he’s going to get better. We’ve just got to keep running him out there.

Urías is set to be the fourth man in a very stacked Dodgers starting rotation. Roberts named him as the fourth starter despite there being close to ten guys on the team that could be considered for the rotation.

Julio also said that he is working on a semi-windup after pitching out of the stretch last year. Urías appeared mostly out of the bullpen for the Dodgers last year. Roberts has expressed his desire to get Julio in a more consistent role, which is likely why he envisions him in the rotation if he is healthy. 

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  1. I was at the spring game. He did not look good at all. Clearly not the pitcher that has been hyped up for years. I hope it was just a temporary thing because he is not dominant whatsoever.

    1. We have lots of guys who can start. Roberts was unwise to name Urias as a starter before he threw a single pitch in spring training. Irregardless we won’t miss a beat with or without Urias.

        1. You should do your homework before correcting someone. Though irregardless is an awkward word it has been in use since the 1700’s. It is in the Oxford dictionary and means the same as regardless. Now let’s stick to baseball and this incredible season the Dodgers will have irregardless of the cheating scandal!

          1. They put words in the dictionary when they become used enough it doesn’t make them words being used since the 1700’s means nothing. You acknowledged it means the same as regardless so be quiet. Regardless is the word so irregardless has no point for existing

      1. I Just haven’t seen Urias put much together yet. It is starting to look like he was over hyped. A guy who looked really good was Victor Gonzales. Never heard of the guy until I saw him in spring.

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