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Dodgers: Julio Urias Makes Super 2 Cut for Arbitration

Julio Urías’s 2019 season was an interesting one to say the least. He was in and out of the rotation on the field and was in and out of the media off of it. He only managed to throw 79 2/3 innings this season with the Dodgers continuing to limit his innings and a domestic violence suspension impacting his season.

Urías, 23, has been with the Dodgers organization, up and down from Triple-A Oklahoma City to Chavez Ravine and from the starting rotation to the bullpen, for quite some time. He has yet to find any regularity with his handling by the Dodgers organization. Part of this irregularity has posed the most recent news.

Julio Urías is officially Super-2 eligible which means he has surpassed the necessary service time requirements to enter into arbitration. The threshold is dictated by the top 22% of players in the league and their service time length. In 2018, the threshold was two years and 134 days of service. This season, it is two years and 117 days.

Here is the exact quote from the ESPN column pertaining to Urías:

“Los Angeles Dodgers left-hander Julio Urías also is on the list of 23 so-called Super 2s, with two years, 117 days. The cutoff was down significantly from two years, 134 days last off-season.”

Urías figures to make a reasonably team-friendly sum of money in arbitration due to his domestic violence suspension — which may or may not come into play — as well as his status as a Super-2 eligible player.

In 2019, Urías had a successful season on the field, posting a 2.49 ERA and 3.43 FIP across 79 2/3 innings of work. Additionally, he stayed healthy for an entire season for the first time since his rookie campaign in 2016. For better or worse, “El Culichi” is expected to play a big role for the club in 2020.

Daniel Preciado

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  1. He’s going to get 2-3 million his DV charge is definitely going to play a part in it being low.

  2. Him and walker Buhler will be the best 1-2 lefty righty combination since Big D and Koufax.Let him start and quit messing
    Him up by using him as reliever starter.the injury was over 2 years now,let him pitch.

    1. I agree, Luis.
      Roberts, perhaps the worst manager in MLB, keeps unnecessarily fooling around with Urias.
      Urias’s repaired arm is fine, has been for a long time. Let the guy do what they got him for.
      The entire thing is ridiculous, but then that’s Dave Roberts.

      1. Jon…………AGREED!……….The only reason Urias did not have a monster season this year is Dave Roberts………..he (Roberts) just does not seem to recognize that Urias is one of his best pitchers.

        1. Bluz1st, I concur here as well about Roberts, he makes me sick to my stomach for his lack of managing ability which you, I and everyone here who follows this team is aware of. It unfortunately might take for the Dodgers to have a losing season (sub .500) in order for him to get removed.

  3. Guys 23 years. What are they holding him back for. Free agency?. The yankees will thank them. Plus his time is running out if he is going to be ( the next big thing!) Goog pitchers are good pitchers at that age. He has yet to become that.

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