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Dodgers: Julio Urías Really Wants to Get to 20 Wins on the Season

Julio Urías had a great chance to reach the 19-win mark on Tuesday night against the Rockies. With the Dodgers offense putting up 4 runs in his start, all he needed to do was hold Colorado to the 2 runs they had put up in the 4th inning. 

Instead, a few bad luck plays and missed locations resulted in the Rockies tying it up. Julio left his start with the game tied and walked away with a no-decision in a game the Dodgers would win in extra-innings. 

But Julio really wants to get to that 20-win mark this year. When asked after the Dodgers win if he would prefer to get 20 RBIs or 20 wins, the answer seemed pretty easy for the southpaw. Julio answered through an interpreter. 

Reaching 20 wins would be a dream come true and is something I’m striving for.

Realistically, Julio will have 2 more starts before the Dodgers wrap up their regular season. That would mean that he needs to win both of those in order to reach 20 wins in 2021. But there is a little bit of a caveat there. 

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Urías has thrown more innings in 2021 than ever in his career, and that’s starting to show on his fastball velocity. The Dodgers could opt to have him skip his final start in order to rest him for the postseason, and that would make a 20-win season impossible. 

But they could also choose to use him in relief during his final start, which could provide him with the opportunity to reach that mark. And in doing so, he would be the first Dodgers pitcher to reach 20 wins since Clayton Kershaw’s MVP season. 

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  1. Next start, if we are ahead, take him out after 5 innings. Give him a 20 pitch breather. Unless he has a no hitter going. The following start all depends on our position in the standings. We can’t let that 20th possibility affect a winning the division possibility.

  2. “a few bad luck plays” He’s had more than his share of good luck also.

    The 20 wins, would be nice for him, but honestly means nothing to me. He’s been fortunate enough to get more run support than Walker and therefore have more wins, (even though his ERA is quite a bit higher). Walker has more than twice as many quality starts as well.

    Another example of how the Win stat can be misleading, like the ‘save’.

    The 20 wins would be a personal win for him, and I’m sure can be used as a bargaining chip in the future. But again, I’m not psyched over the possibility. I want LA to win, period. I don’t care who ends up with marketable stats.

    Go LA!

  3. This isn’t an Eddie Cicotte situation where a team is sitting him in order to keep him from a reaching a benchmark and getting paid. No one in 2020 agrees to any benchmark based on wins. I’m more concerned about the decline in velocity. I agree with the idea of pulling him if he has a lead in the fifth. His arm needs to still have zip in October.

  4. Let me throw this out to ya’ll to feed on and comment on. Last night in the 6th, Urias (and Roberts?) elected to pitch to Cron, up 4-3, instead of walking him to get to a left handed batter. Would y’all have walked Cron, who had a double already, to get to the lefty, and get out of the inning with Urias up 4-3? If so, and IF it had worked, Urias gets his 19th win last night.

  5. all great comments…but One…..If Roberts….now…let’s face it….Our Mgr has made so many decisions that has left us scratching his head, still, players love him and despite his “ooops” we have the second best record in baseball….

  6. sorry julio, you have to go deep with a few runs at most given up to win the next 2 games yourself. otherwise doc will do the right thing and pull you in order to ensure the Dodgers get the win. Last I looked the uniform doesn’t say Urias on the front

    Please find those extra mph you are missing!

  7. Julio throws too many pitches early on and he does get rattled if a big play does not go his way. . Last nites game was truly awful the dog butt Rockies never should of scored 10 on what everybody keeps saying is the beast bullpen in the majors . I can see it the pitchers are tired Yes I would like to see a 20 game winner but not at the expense of the playoffs.I think Price . Gosslin, Kershaw should be the starters for a week see where we are .I think we may need the big 3 for the final series against Mil.

  8. There is nothing magical about 20 wins. The bigger problem for LA is what to do about Walker Buehler, who has been dealing with major pitching issues. Is he injured, or is he just too tired to pitch? LA does not want this to happen to Julio Urias and his recent starts suggest that he could be going in that direction. LA should rest them both. It may hurt their chances to win the division, but it helps them win the World Series.

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