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Dodgers: Julio Urías Will Fill a Familiar Role to Start the Postseason, Says Roberts

Tomorrow is a do-or-die situation for the Dodgers as they try to advance out of the Wild Card Game and into the NLDS to play the San Francisco Giants. All hands will be on deck as the team will try and stave off elimination before the real season even starts. No one besides Walker Buehler will be off limits on Wednesday. 

That means a familiar role awaits for the likes of the NL wins leader in Julio Urías. Dave Roberts confirmed as much in a pregame press conference at Dodger Stadium. 

“Julio’s an option. Obviously he threw on Saturday, but having him potentially be in there, we’re seriously considering that. When you’re talking about one game, there’s really not the need for length necessarily because you have so many arms at your disposal.“

Fans will recall the brilliant performance of Urías in last year’s postseason run as he shifted from the starting rotation into the bullpen as the team got deeper and deeper into the playoffs. The southpaw threw 5 innings of 1-run ball (unearned) against the San Diego Padres in the 2020 NLDS. 

He then racked up a 3-inning save to close out the NLCS against the Atlanta Braves and a 2 1/3 inning save with 4 strikeouts to secure the team’s first World Series win in 32 years. 

While he has proven to be lethal out of the pen, his production in the rotation this season as well as the loss of Kershaw almost guarantees he’ll move back into starting rotation later on. Throwing an inning won’t hurt his chances of starting a game in the NLDS should they move on. But first, he’ll need to give everything he’s got if his number is called. 

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  1. We need Beaty at 1st and Lux in Center. So it will be Bellinger at 1st and Taylor in Center.

  2. Gunna have ro play St. Louis better than we have in the past. We were awful against them in 2004, 2013, 2014…..I think we beat them in 2008. or 2009 (when the pressure was on them, more than us.) We all knew this. That’s why all you people telling fans to be patient, and don’t care about the poor early play this season…..You…You put us here. Your “always support the supreme leader” crap is what put us here.

    1. Scbooty, with all due respect, none of the Dodger teams you mentioned who lost to the Cards were THIS TALENTED! Yes in one game anything can happen. But keep in mind, this team is battle-tested. They staved off 3 elimination games vs the Braves (who are better than the Cards IMHO) last year. Nobody is looking past this game. They know the stakes. They will take care of their business tonight.

  3. I hope we can hit the curve ball tonight because if we can’t we are one and done. Be PATIENT!

  4. Mr. Scubooty: You left out 1985 and 1946 when the Cards outplayed our Doggers in pennant playoff situations.

    1. Did I fail to mention the Dodgers were battle-tested? Oh yes, I did. What a nerve-wracking game! I give the Cards a ton of credit. They played a great game. But in the end, the superior talent won out. As with so many postseason, an unlikely hero comes through. Some will say but CT3 was an all-star in 2021. True, however, he was in a months long slump (7 for 65!) not the likeliest one to have come through. Super happy for the guy as he seems to be a really great guy.

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