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Dodgers: Justin Turner Activated For Huge Series With the Padres

The Dodgers look like they will be getting back a big bat for the last two games of the series in San Diego. Justin Turner has been down with a hamstring injury since the series in Texas back in August but should make a return Tuesday. 

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts revealed that JT would be going through normal progressions on Monday prior to the game. He went on to say that Turner would likely be activated on Tuesday and DH in that game. 

Turner had previously been working out with the Dodgers during practices on the field, mostly testing the injured hamstring. As recently as this weekend, Turner had been running at a little over 50 percent capacity. He later admitted that at his age, he’s never really going to be running full steam ahead and that he could play if needed. 

By his standards, Turner is probably having one of the more offensively down years of his Dodgers career. But he is still slashing .282/.384/.410 with 10 extra-base hits through 32 games. Turner is also putting up one of the best batting averages on balls in play (.330) of his career.

In terms of his expected numbers, JT should be having a ridiculous season.  His expected weighted on-base average (xwOBA) of .423 ranks in the top 5 percent of all big leaguers. To say that the Dodgers will be happy to have him back in the lineup is an understatement. 

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  1. Wow, the Padres really punked the Dodgers! After that kid showed up Kershaw with his homerun pose, the Dodgers acted scared and fell apart. That was embarrassing.

  2. Muncy showed there’s more to playing first base then catching the ball. A more experienced first baseman would have gotten thd out by going for the tag instrad of thinking he had to backtrack to get to the bag. That would have gotten the out and put him closer to jome to stop that run.

  3. Turner should have picked his bat up and got into a game a week ago as the DH. Our boom or bust offense needs a contact hitter period. Run at 50% and hit in the DH hole for crying out loud. The team needs Turner now.

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