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Dodgers: Justin Turner Bracing for Possible Future without Corey Seager, Kenley Jansen, More

Everyone is acutely aware that several key Dodgers are free agents this winter. Especially current Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner.

On Monday, Justin Turner spoke with AM 570’s David Vassegh about long time teammates Corey Seager, Kenley Jansen, Clayton Kershaw, and Chris Taylor being free agents this winter. Given that JT just went through the free agency circus a year ago, he more than most is in a qualified position to speak on the subject.

“Being a free agent is difficult for guys. Especially for guys like Corey and Kenley who have been with this organization their entire career.”

Both Kenley and Seager, along with Kershaw, came up through the Dodgers system.

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Jansen is coming off a resurgent season where he posted his lowest ERA (2.22) since 2017. Seager recorded the second best OPS for a shortstop (.915) behind Fernando Tatis Jr. (.975). Kershaw made just 22 starts as he battled various injuries throughout the year en route to a 3.55 ERA.

Turner said he recently spoke with Jansen about his big decision. When Vassegh asked if Turner could convince any of the free agent Dodgers to re-sign, Turner had this to say:

“I don’t think that they’re counting on me to help them make their decisions. I’ve been here a couple of times and it’s not all peachy like it should be. There’s some tough decisions ahead of these guys.”

Turner also admitted he’s not ready to accept that some, or all, of the long time Dodgers could be gone.

“It’s obviously a reality that all of those guys might end up signing somewhere else. It’s a reality that most people, myself including, aren’t ready to face yet.”

Turner also echoed that this will not be a long, drawn out free agency period due to the current CBA expiring on December 1st. The general sentiment around the league is players and teams are hoping to execute deals before December 1st.

Whether it happens fast or slow, losing some longtime Dodgers in free agency is a distinct possibility.

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Eric Eulau

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  1. The possibility of losing players, especially star players, should be a yearly understood scenario, and not something you can’t face or simply want to be in self-denial about. JT needs to keep looking at the guy in the mirror and asking and answering what he needs to do to stay in LA, as his play and bat have seen better days/seasons.

  2. If the Dodgers were smart, they would go big after Chris Bryant, if not attained let Seager and Jansen go. Instead sign Kyle Seager Corey’s brother to play 3rd, has similar numbers to his brother but won’t break the bank. With the UNIversal DH, it would allow JT to DH and spell Muncy at 1st. Use the 40 million saved on C.Seager and Kenley and resign CT3,Knebel,Kelly, and go after Scherzer. Let Kersh walk, saves another 30 million to go after Scherzer. Losing Kersh, Kenley,and C.Seager would be pretty rough, but not as bad as losing CT3, Scherzer,Knebel,Kelly. Because the Dodgers have solutions to replace the loss as I’ve listed above..

    1. Logistically, CT3 and Max are the most needed players of the bunch. Given our pitching situation Kershaw could be an important piece but his role could be filled by another acquisition at a lower price. Of course the Dodgers want the $ and PR associated with a final tour around the league for CK, probably in 2023. That would fill a lot of seats and probably pay for the contract they are about to give him.
      Scherzer would be a tough loss so we either give him what he wants or gut up to the tough work of filling behind him. That would cost us some players or big bucks and draft choices. In many ways it would be cheaper to pay Chris and Max what they are worth than try to replace them.
      And I heartily agree we need help at 3B cuz JT can’t handle the workload and our best 3B prospects are two+ years away.
      This not rocket science but we are in a news void so a whole bunch of speculative articles are being written as filler.

  3. I say let Scherzer walk. After letting us down in game 6, I find his commitment questionable.

  4. My crystal ball says Seager’s gone, Max is gone, Kershaw is probably gone, Taylor and Jansen are maybes. Stake your weekly coffee allowance on it and not a dime more.

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