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Dodgers: Justin Turner Calls Pitching Debut a ‘Bucket List’ Opportunity

Dodgers’ third baseman Justin Turner can scratch pitching off of his wishlist of achievements for his already decorated career with the Dodgers. 

Turner has made a name for himself with the club with leadership, versatility, productivity at the plate, and excellent defense. But in the series finale against the Colorado Rockies, the 36-year-old infielder added to his repertoire by taking the mound during the team’s 5-0 loss on Sunday. 

Turner was given a shot on the bump by manager Dave Roberts as the team was looking to preserve arms out of the bullpen late in the year.  

“Obviously, losing is never fun but it’s kind of a bucket list thing for me to get one inning in,” Turner said with a smile during his interview with a nutrition company that he’s part of called Fresh n’ Lean

Turner laughingly reiterated that he was glad he managed to toss a scoreless frame and get out of the inning after allowing two singles in succession before retiring three in a row. 

The two-time All-Star can officially add a 0.00 career ERA to his career resume, presuming that he never steps foot on the mound in that role again. 

“I’m glad I got a zero,” Turner said jokingly. “I walked into Dave’s (Roberts) office after and said ‘Thank you for the opportunity, I’ll never do that again.” 

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  1. Turner only got zero’s because he was lucky. He was feet away from having an ERA of 27. I still can’t believe Roberts rolled over. I know both Walter and Tommy rolled over in their graves.

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