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Dodgers: Justin Turner Gets Hit in the Hand, Gets X-Rays

Dodgers’ fans everywhere held their breath for a few moments on Wednesday night at Camelback Ranch. Justin Turner was struck in the hand by a pitch from Johnny Cueto and took a while to shake it off. Turner eventually stayed in the game and was removed fro x-rays later.

Turner homered in the at-bat following his hit-by-pitch, so it’s safe to assume he’s feeling okay. Turner said himself after he left the game that he didn’t feel it was anything to be too concerned about. The Dodgers/ coaching staff doesn’t seem to be too worried either. 

I’m alright, got a little bruise but I’ll be fine. I think it’s okay. We’re gonna go in to take a picture but I think it’s fine. 

Fans might remember back in 2018 when Turner was struck on the wrist in a similar situation. Turner missed a huge chunk of the season that year and the Dodgers labored through the first part of the season. 

Turner has been a key to the Dodgers’ success for quite some time. He came over on a minor league deal after the Mets cut him loose, and his career took off from there. He has accumulated 112 homeruns in six years with the team after hitting 8 in the previous six years.

Luckily for the Dodgers, Turner probably won’t miss any extended time because of this. Plunking Turner eventually turned into a little bit of a heated moment between the two teams when Kershaw plunked a batter the following inning. 

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    1. Is that a joke? The ball was nearly in the strike zone. The HBP is all on Turner because he crowds the plate so much.

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