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Dodgers: Justin Turner Gives His Thoughts on MLB’s Arizona Plan

Major League Baseball is reportedly working on a plan that they hope would get players in camps by late May. The news broke on Monday evening, and since then Dodgers players have started to give their thoughts on the possible plan. Justin Turner talked with The LA Times to discuss his opinion, among some other things in quarantine life.

The plan MLB is rumored to be working on is essentially a biodome idea. It would keep all of the players in one centralized location in Phoenix keeping the number of people as limited as possible. All games would be played at the Spring Training facilities, as well as at Chase Field. For the Dodgers’ Justin Turner, it’s not as difficult of a decision for him.

For my category of guys, it’s easy. I’m married, but I don’t have any children. For the single guy or the guys with kids at home, that’s a lot tougher. You’re asking a lot more — to either be alone or not see your kids.

There are plenty of guys on the Dodgers with kids, and for any parents out there, you know that this is a difference-maker. Being away from your spouse for months at a time is tough, but being away from your kids that long almost seems impossible. Turner knows that his situation is much different than those who do have children, like Clayton Kershaw.

Whatever the case, Turner is ready to get going whenever the league sees fit. Like many other players and fans, JT just misses baseball.

I didn’t need any help loving baseball before, but during this time it really makes you appreciate the little things, like driving to the field or being in the weight room with guys talking crap. The things you may normally complain about when things were normal, you are now like, ‘Man, I wish I was in position I could complain about those things right now.’ Whatever the season looks like … it might be wacky, but I don’t care. … I just want to find a way to get on the field.

Turner has been playing a huge part in relief from COVID-19 in Los Angeles. He has been incredibly active with the Dream Center in Los Angeles as well as local businesses to provide meals to those in need. 

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  1. Boo whoo think about all our military men and women who are away from their kids. So you’re away from your kids for a short period of time it’s harder when you’re away from them for months some times a year or maybe and not knowing if you’re going to ever see them again. Suck it up.

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