Dodgers: Justin Turner Has NOT Discussed An Extension With LA

It’s no secret that Justin Turner is playing in the final year of his four-year contract. If the Dodgers chose to not extend him, that would make JT a free agent at 36-years-old. Not many teams are looking for an aging corner infielder these days.

On the other hand, there are plenty of Dodgers fans who would love to see Justin finish out his career in Los Angeles. And that makes sense, given the contributions he has made within the community and on the team. Turner has become an all-around favorite for the Dodgers.

But in a recent interview with The LA Times, Turner revealed that the Dodgers had not had discussions with him about an extension. Keep in mind that there is a transaction freeze on baseball for the moment, so the only time they could have had conversations with him was while Spring Training was going. 

Still, it is a little unsettling to think that the Dodgers could end up with a very small window of time to make a decision on Turner. JT may be getting up there in age, but he can still swing a bat with the best in the league. The third baseman slashed .290/.372/.509 last year and hit 27 homeruns in the process.

If the Dodgers are looking to bring him back, the numbers will be difficult to take a guess on. The length of the deal could be one year but it could also very well be up to three years. Fans over on Twitter were calling for a Chase Utley-like deal, but JT isn’t in decline like Utley was when he took a new contract with the Dodgers. 

Only time will tell.

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  1. We resigned Uribe and Freeze both at late dates and neither was as talented. I would think Justin gets a 2 year deal. The guy can flat out hit. And in spring training this year he was still at it. Sign Redturn!!

  2. I hope they will extend Justin’s Contract. If it was my decision; I would offer him 5year/ $22.5M. That should be efficient to “Complete” his career. KEEP JUSTIN, in DODGER BLUE.

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