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Dodgers: Justin Turner is Enjoying Playing the Padres So Far in 2021

So far for the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres, the games have lived up to the hype. Four games into a 19 game season set and the clubs are locked in at 2 wins apiece. While Dodgers fans can easily argue that our club hasn’t played anywhere close to its best baseball, credit goes to the Padres for capitalizing on the mistakes.

Now, not only are fans all around baseball enjoying the matchup, you know the players absolutely are too. In fact, Justin Turner was on with Chris Rose and his Chris Rose Rotation podcast (available on Jomboy Media Network) on Thursday where he shared his thoughts on the first series against the Friars.

Oh, yeah, it had a little bit of everything. It was an exciting series. It was well pitched. It was well played. The fans were super into it. I really enjoyed what the Padres we’re doing for their roster for the game of baseball, I think it was really good to see them go out and make moves and want to improve. And I also said that, you know, it’s probably gonna feel like 19 World Series games, and I think the first three kind of lived up to the hype. So looking forward to the next round.

The Dodgers lost 3-2 to lead off the next round of games here at Dodger Stadium, but as they’ve all been, it was another close game.

JT and the Dodgers send Clayton Kershaw to the mound on Friday night for a rematch against old friend Yu Darvish. This will be Yu’s first time pitching at Dodger Stadium since it was revealed that the Astros cheated in the 2017 World Series, so expect a mixed reaction for the former Dodger.

The Chris Rose Rotation is part of the Jomboy Media Network.

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  1. Father time JT is easily the offensive leader of this Dodger team, as well as everybody in baseball. Amazing it took so long to re-sign him.

  2. Love JTs comments. Well Played baseball by both teams to date, great pitching, fielding and timely hitting. I like Kersh at home tonight to throw well and get the Dodgers the win!

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