Dodgers: Justin Turner is Excited About Gavin Lux

The Dodgers’ Justin Turner went through plenty of things with media on Tuesday, including his thoughts on his contract. Lost in the urgency of that discussion though was Turner’s praise of young star Gavin Lux. The long-time third baseman had nothing but good things to say about Los Angeles’ top prospect.

In regards to how he spent his offseason, Turner was impressed with Lux’s commitment to getting stronger. He noted that he saw how often he was coming out to Dodgers Stadium in between trips to his home in Wisconsin.

I think it’s good for guys to get that offseason in training with our strength staff who obviously have been pretty important in my career and turned things around.

Tuner also said with a smile that he just enjoys having him around. He said that the team likes to have fun, and Lux is often a part of that. The Dodgers do have a tendency to play pranks on one another.

He’s a great kid, works his butt off. Easy to kind of poke I guess. We all have a great time with him.

Above all, Turner was just excited to have Lux as a part of the team for the 2020 season. He recognized that having an entire season to get things going should be fun.

I’m excited to see what he can do over the course of a full season.

As we should all be. Lux hit a ridiculous .347 with 26 homeruns at the minor league level in 2019 before his callup to the Dodgers. If he’s able to replicate even a portion of that kind of success in the big leagues, 2020 should be an exciting year.

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