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Dodgers Justin Turner Motivated by Gift from Friend and Leukemia Survivor Luke Lang

A friendship that began when Justin Turner was a New York Met, Dodger fans should give thanks to a young Leukemia survivor named Luke Lang from North Bellmore, New York.

Luke was 6 years old in 2013 and on that day, he was able to leave his home for the first time being diagnosed and was scheduled to meet Justin Turner for what Turner thought was going to be a quick autograph and photo.

Little did he know that Luke was going to become one of his best friends and an integral part to his next chapter of his career.

“It was an extremely special day for me. Our relationship has grown since we first met in 2013,” Turner said. “His family are now really good friends of ours. We tried to make it as special of a day as possible.”

Like the video says, Justin and Luke’s motto is that “Losing is Not an Option” so for today’s game 5 vs. the Nationals, let’s all adopt that belief and help JT and the rest of the Dodgers get the win.

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  1. Evil forces Friedman and Roberts stand in the way of Saint Turner by starting the wrong lineup and getting shutdown by Strasburg

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