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Dodgers: Justin Turner Pitches the 9th Inning For Los Angeles

Things are never going well for a team when they have a position player pitching for them. Unfortunately, that was the case for the Dodgers in Sunday’s loss. Trailing by 5 runs in the 9th inning, Dave Roberts went to an unlikely arm. 

Justin Turner came off of the bench to pitch for the Dodgers in the last inning. And it went the complete opposite of how you might expect. He gave up 2 consecutive singles before inducing a VERY deep flyout to left field. He got a soft groundout to the right side before Dom Nunez also lofted one to left to get out of it. 

The Dodgers would go on to lose the game 5-0 as the offense failed to come through. They also missed out on the opportunity to move closer to the Giants in the NL West. San Francisco lost to the Braves earlier today. 

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Onward and upward. At least we finally got to see JT take the mound. He’s reportedly been asking the Dodgers skipper to give him the chance to throw for quite some time. He got his first chance at age 36. 

Up next, the Dodgers will take on the Braves starting on Monday night. Game one will be Julio Urias going up against Drew Smyly. That’s a big series for both teams as each of them are in the thick of the race for their respective divisions. The Braves have a 4.5 game lead over the Phillies. 

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  1. It looks like this club is incapable of picking up ground on the Giants, nor is this offense dependable to score runs regularly. They are increasingly looking to be a quick exit from the playoffs. Underwhelming performance – again.

  2. You have got to be kidding me. Throw this game away because you have next 6 with Atlanta and SF. I hate when team management gets too cute for itself.

  3. Still waiting for a manager who wants to win and shows it with every game. Roberts…getting more attention that he should ever deserve with his lackluster managing skills. As of today, we Dodger Nation should gear up to play in the Wild Card, and with the way Roberts is managing…it might just be a very long winter. Prepare to say goodbye to Seager, Kershaw, Scherzer, Pollack, possibly Taylor, and hopefully McKinney and who else can they trade for good arms? Belli?..then there is Rios….they better not bet on him either. Roberts should be the 1st on the list.

    1. Pollock has another year + an option I believe and I’m also not so sure Scherzer will go. After all AF didn’t deal for him to have him for just 2 months. WSS. I also think CT3 will be re- signed. Dodgers cannot afford to let him walk. Seager is a Boras client so he may not return. Even though Roberts messed with the pitching again with another BP game, it’s the offense as I said before that will be this team’s demise this year come October.

    2. I have been telling my diehard Dodger fan that Roberts should have been fired when he held the lefties out of the World Series game because analytics said so.

  4. I’ve said time and time again, Roberts is the reason why we’re missing a couple of WS rings!! Why anybody thinks this guy is so great is beyond me. Does he not know the season is almost over? With 2.5 back and with a chance to gain ground on the Giants he goes with another bullpen game, sits 3 of our best players but decides to use one as pitcher in the 9th. If the DODGERS make another early exit this Foo gotta go!!!

    1. Is there anyone here who can explain to me how this ALL STAR offense can look this bad? But then I saw today’s lineup but almost came un glued seeing how BADLY Robert’s decision making and lineup handling can look. Dodgers have 6 most important games with the Braves and then Giants and maybe those teams might just put Robert’s and this anemic offense out of their misery. If Dodgers lose 4 or 6 out of these next 6 games, just prep for that one and done WC game and pray for the NL to get back the DH so in order to protect Robert’s from himself!

  5. I said it roberts is too dumb he sits 2 regulars on weekends has Urias,Buehler,Schawerser,Price pitchin every 5 days rest instead of normal 4 does2 bullpen games when it’s not necessary .He’s always looking to get 3 run hrs instead of fabricating runs. He wants to stand out like he invented the wheel again and ends up hurting dodgers. When will enough be enough wait for another short season to win another World Series when we know that we have the best team for last 8 or 9 years and only 1 title our dumb mgmt doesn’t care otherwise they would have fire this idiot a long time ago.

  6. Folks, bottom line here is that for today’s effort both the team and Roberts should be completely embarrassed with themselves. I say this because I’m finding today’s game very hard to believe, even though there have been offensive clinkers in the past.

  7. Pretty embarrassing to have a position player pitching in a 5-0 game. That pretty much confirmed that Dodgers weren’t trying to win that game. They can say whatever they want, but they disrespected the fans that payed good money to watch that debacle.

    1. No doubt about it, Tim. I’m glad to be living 850 miles away from DS or I might have been tempted to go to this game had I been living where I used to live prior to 2004.

  8. It is a sad day when a barely over .200 hitter is the best you can come up with for the 6-9 hitters in the lineup. But then today, it didn’t really matter who was hitting. Apparently Sandy Koufax from 1965 pitched for the Rockies this afternoon.

    1. It was FAR from their best lineup for sure but I didn’t think they would tank as bad as they did today against the Rockies yet. Barnes gets a pass because he has produced a little, such as that HR off of Snell. But Bellinger and McKinney batting 6 and 7 made it easier for the Rockies to pitch around the middle of the order.

  9. I love Dodger fans. Always turning on themselves and never really understanding “baseball”. Even the best players have streaks and slumps. It’s a game where failing 70% of the time is elite. It’s the mental part of the game and the team chemistry that is the real differentiation. Do you see the Giants tapping the top of their head or shaking their wrists? No…because they know how this game is supposed to be played. This is fun watching the Dodgers and their fans be their own worst enemy.

  10. With a chance to pick up a game on the Giants, Dave Roberts chooses to rest 3 of our starters and bring up and pitch a minor-league pitcher for the second game in a row. Oh and with second and third in the first inning today he chooses to pitch to the hottest hitter in baseball who smashed a three run homer….instead of walking him to pitch to a .168 hitter. If this prick doesn’t deserve to get fired I’m missing something. He’s constantly trying to show that he can re-invent the wheel, when what he is is a freaking egomaniac! Sure he’ll be fired at the end of the year that’s the obvious, but it’s a shame that he’s doing all of this at the ball players, the fans and all of the past Dodgers that this time of the year means so much to.

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