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Dodgers: Justin Turner Reacts to Corey Seager Leaving LA for Texas

This offseason marks the end of an era for the Dodgers. After 7 seasons in LA, Corey Seager inked a massive 10-year free agent deal to play for the Texas Rangers. The shortstop is absolutely leaving behind a legacy in blue. 2016 National League Rookie of the Year, two-time All-Star, NLCS and World Series MVPs, and a World Series champion.

He’s also leaving behind a group of teammates that he’s been through the trenches with. Including Justin Turner, who Corey has played alongside since day one. Turner was asked about Seager’s contract with the Rangers which he told Matthew Moreno was bittersweet.

It sucks I’ve probably played my last game with him, and at the same time you’re excited for him to take advantage of free agency and set himself up for the rest of his life. I think bittersweet is the perfect way to put it.

The two played their first game together in Seager’s big league debut back on September 3, 2015, and for the next 7 seasons formed one of the more powerful left sides of the infield.

Thankfully for Turner and the Dodgers, Chris Taylor agreed to return to LA on a 4-year deal this offseason adding one of familiarity back into the mix.

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Clint Pasillas

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    1. Lock out will be resolved by new years…revenue is good..owners not cutting off that money train…this will go quickly…alot of bluffing…as for Seager loyalty works both ways…paid Mookie…Bauer…didn’t want to pay him…waited to the end…nobody thinks Trae will stay…once he says he wants to go to free agency..he will get traded by the deadline…

  1. What else can JT say? That’s a pretty good response, happy for him, but pissed he’s saying adios to his teammates. Dodgers offered him 8 years and $250M and that wasn’t enough. SMH! at least now we’ll have a SS with much better D!

    1. If seager stayed Joe you would be happy…maybe Seager didn’t like LA……he made a choice…damn he got paid…Texas wanted him more it’s that simple…he will always be a Dodger great

      1. sorry to burst your bubble, but no I am happy to see Corey moving on. He was a poor SS, and offensively ignored the team’s penchant for taking pitches. Much happier to see a better defensive SS who just happened to win the NL batting crown!

  2. J.T. You honestly need to drop 10-15 lbs. There were some embarrising moments last season, make the commitment….

    1. F off Greg he lost wait and is in the best shape of his dodgers career, or have you just starting watching dodgers baseball this past season?..smh

    2. He looked really trim to start the season, a little bulkier at the end. Could that be the reason he was tearing it up early and faded down the stretch?

  3. Bad move…lol….Seager not Boras made the choice…Boras works for Seager…10/325 mil…tax free state…please!!!…fan is short for fanatic…fans don’t think often in reality…he has a relationship with the Texas manager…great area to live…baseball is more than pleasing the fan base…it is about the players life choices…which are placed first

  4. Like JT said he wanted to set himself up pay-wise for not only his family, but his descendants. Can’t blame him for that, after all baseball is a business.

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