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Dodgers: Justin Turner Says Chase Utley Forced Enrique Hernandez to Eat Healthier

Remember back in the offseason when we weren’t all that sure that Justin Turner would be returning to the Dodgers? Flash forward a few months and here is the veteran third baseman back in blue and with another All-Star berth under his belt. At 36 years old, the questions surrounding JT in the offseason usually heavily involved that age.

However, here in his age 36 season, he’s proving that age is just a number.

The eye test shows us that Turner has looked quicker and leaner than he has at almost any point in Dodger blue. Notably, that’s something he worked on in the offseason while he didn’t know what uniform he’d end up putting on in 2021.

In spring training, Turner spoke about the “Whole 30” diet he joined in on with his wife Kourtney. Now, most of the 2021 season later, he’s still on it thanks to a meal service provider, “Fresh n Lean,” that he’s also come to partner up with for the season and beyond.

With that in mind, JT recently joined in on an Instagram live session with the brand where he talked about his health, the Dodgers, and a whole lot more. Dodgers Nation participated in asking RedTurn2 a question about his healthiest teammates on the team… 

…His response produced a real gem.

Before, it was Chase Utley and Kiké Hernandez who were super into it. Mainly because I think Chase forced Kiké to do that.

Dodger lore always told the story of former Dodger Chase Utley encouraging his teammates to work on their diets, mainly focusing on cutting dairy out of the equation. But JT dropping the playful revelation that Utley forced Kiké to be healthy is a fun addition to the legend of the father/son duo.

Justin continued.

But now, I think CT eats pretty clean. Belli eats everything in sight, so he’s off the list… it’s tough because our locker room is different than most locker rooms — there’s not really a ton of room to eat crappy. Almost everything in there is vetted because it’s a healthy version of something. I don’t know. Some guys eat a lot more than others. I don’t know if too many people are crazy, over the top into their diets. I know Dino [Ebel] is very meticulous about what he eats. Clayton McCullough, our first base coach is pretty into his health and wellness.

The next fun revelation wasn’t really a revelation at all. Cody Bellinger eats whatever he wants. “He’ll eat six ice creams a day,” JT added, “it’s crazy… to be young!”

It’s always fun to get a view into the world of big leaguers and their teammates with these one-on-one interviews away from the team. JT and the healthy Dodgers continue their fight for first place in the NL West tonight at Dodger Stadium against the Atlanta Braves. First pitch is set for 7:10 PM PT.

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