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Dodgers Justin Turner Switches to New Agency Prior to Upcoming Free Agency

According to Jon Heyman of MLB Network, Justin Turner’s current agent, Greg Genske, has pulled a Jerry McGuire and partnered with Ballengee executive Alex Hicks. The new agency will be called the GEM Agency and will start off with a handful of Genske’s clients after some conflicts that arose from the acquisition of Genske’s old agency by Gatemore Capital Management. (There’s a lawsuit pending between the two parties in California)

Along with Turner, there are the Rays Tommy Pham and Astros reliever Roberto Osuna, who will be entering their final seasons of arbitration eligibility, so the next few years for this young agency is of utmost importance. In case you didn’t know, Justin Turner’s free agency eligibility comes after the 2020 season.

It’s no secret that the Dodgers must start planning for life after Justin Turner, but Dodger fans would be absolutely heartbroken if JT was to ever wear another jersey besides the Dodgers. Lets hope Genske and his new firm at GEM will be able to ensure life with JT for a very long time.

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  1. JT is going nowhere. He’s fully involved here. The Dodger team strength allows him the flexibility & time off that at this stage in his career he needs.
    He simply ‘loves LA’.
    The hard fact is that while he still has value, especially for LA, his skills will begin tapering well before any long term contract would be close to ending.
    And IMO, no one, in his day & age of numerous big contract flops, will spend big money for an older player, money that they could invest in numerous up & coming guys.
    But then …. there is always the Yankees. LOL.

    I love the guy, he is one of my favorites, but I hope he doesn’t get stupid with inflated thoughts that agents are good at creating … IOW: the more he gets, the more THEY get.

    1. Ultimately he’d be screwing himself, not us.
      Besides, I don’t think the bidding would be that great given his age and his frequent injuries.
      No doubt though, the mentioned agents are whispering in his ear.
      See my comment above.

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