Dodgers: Justin Turner Will Sit Out the Rest of the Series

The Dodgers watched one of their team leaders go down on Friday night with Justin Turner exiting the game. JT stole second base in a tied game but slowed down pretty quickly as he slid into the bag. The team’s medical staff came out with Dave Roberts and pulled him out of the game. 

The initial update was that the team was hopeful it was just a simple cramp that forced him out. Speaking with Dodgers media on Saturday, Roberts revealed that Turner would be sitting out the games in Texas this weekend to rest up and get a feel for his leg. 

Roberts also updated the injury as a “low-grade strain” rather than a cramp. The Dodgers have him as day-to-day for the time being, but there is no indication that he needs to go to the injured list. Turner will be evaluated when the team gets back to Los Angeles this week with their off-day on Monday. 

If Turner needs to sit out for any period of time, the Dodgers could plug any number of guys in there for him. Edwin Rios is also supposed to return at some point this week, also confirmed by Dave. Max Muncy, Chris Taylor, and Kiké Hernández could all potentially spend time there over the next few days as well.

Turner had been producing at a pretty high level before going down with the leg injury. He leads the Dodgers in on-base percentage and is third in runs driven in. 

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  1. Well, I’m glad he took himself out yesterday and didn’t tough it out like most of these guys. He could have hurt himself worse if he stayed in. What happened to the sticks yesterday is a mystery to me. And again, There were opportunities where they could have moved the runner across but they didn’t. Big guns aren’t moving them. My Dodgers are looking to make it to the playoffs and think they should win the World Series, but if they keep flip-flopping the way they do who knows they might blow it again in the end. The defense looks good for the most part but the bats have to keep hitting whether a base hit or double, stealing a base, hit and run, whatever, get it done. They showed that they could do this before so do it again.

  2. JT is a ball player. But his wheels are not going to get better. I’m against the DH in the NL but if it becomes permanent, JT would be a great one. If I’m in Dodger Management, I tell him he’s the permanent DH thru October. He’s about the only guy who hits in October and they need to take care of him!

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