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Dodgers: Justin Turner Wins the Internet for a Day in a Twitter Exchange

This is certainly something that’ll put a smile on the face of Dodgers fans. On Thursday, Justin Turner did like many people do these days when a package delivery is late. He “@-ed” the company. The LA third baseman reached out to a company looking for an update on a gift he ordered for his wife Kourtney.

Certainly, JT made the tweet very visible to everyone, likely preparing for the reveal to his mrs. that her gift won’t arrive on time for Christmas. 

Here’s where the story gets fun. One response to his post elicited a phenomenal clap back on the behalf of Justin.

The clap back is a callback to teammate Max Muncy’s famous line he hollered at former Giants ace Madison Bumgarner in a 2019 exchange at Oracle Park.

Madison Bumgarner yells at Max Muncy, a breakdown

So there. Justin Turner did a thing and the thing was funny and now you read about the thing. Happy holidays!

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