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Dodgers: Keibert Ruiz Opens Up About Waiting for His Big League Opportunity

Most top prospects have a clear path to the major leagues. They work their way up the farm system, prove they can sustain some success, and receive a call-up once they look ready. For the Dodgers’ top-catching prospect Keibert Ruiz, however, the path has been anything but clear.

While he has impressed in the minor leagues for the past few seasons, he still finds himself behind catchers Will Smith and Austin Barnes on the Dodgers depth chart. Following the team’s 14-11 victory over the Angels on Saturday night, Ruiz was asked if he had grown impatient waiting for an opportunity in the majors.

Yeah, but I can’t control tha. I just have to keep working hard, being ready for whatever, and I know the opportunity is going to be there. It’s just when it does, I got to do my job.

There has been a lot of talk in recent days about Ruiz potentially seeing time at different positions, particularly in the outfield and at first base. This would definitely increase the young prospect’s playing time with the Dodgers, but the transition would take some time.

While Ruiz has said he is willing to play around the diamond in order to play more, he still firmly believes in his ability to be a major league catcher.

I’ve been feeling good catching. I mean, calling the games, I don’t have the opportunity to show them. But I’ve been feeling really good. I feel like I can catch here [at this level] too.

If he played any other position, there is no doubt that Ruiz would have been on this club a long time ago. But with Will Smith claiming the starting job and Austin Barnes starting a brand new 2-year deal, there is no clear path for a third catcher on the Dodgers roster.

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The Dodgers will try and give their top prospect a bit of run while their big bats get healthy, but opportunities may quickly dry up after they return. It will be up to Ruiz to show that his bat belongs and to force the team to find a spot for him going forward.

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  1. Keep Ruiz @ catcher and move Will Smith to another position. Smith is a good solid offensive threat being able to hit all fields but terrible defensively @ catcher. Poor framing in stealing some strikes, bad technique in blocking pitches w/ the one -knee- on ground stance…..just too many passed balls. Ruiz is looking better @ those defensive areas although only a small sample yet. Also being a switch hitter could benefit in placement of the batting order, resulting in more playing time. Barnes is a dependable catcher behind the dish and Kersh’s personal catcher but weak offensively. Dodgers have moved other catchers to other positions w/ positive results, plus you would have the luxury of 3 versatile catchers w/ different strengths.

    1. In Barne’s defense., this year he’s hitting infront of the pitcher having to bat instead of last year batting 9th in front of the lead off man Betts. That’s because that spineless Manfred and MLB held the DH hostage and no matter what, it has had a little to do with this anemic offense too.

  2. I believe we would be better off trading Barnes and bringing Ruiz up as the second catcher. Both he and Will Smith are better than /Barnes offensively. It’s not fair to let Ruiz languish in the minors when he’s already better than Banes.

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