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Dodgers: Ken Rosenthal Predicts Francisco Lindor to Dodgers

With the winter meetings unofficially starting today, speculations have been running wild. Whether it be free agent signings or blockbuster trades, everybody is holding their breath for something to happen this week. That was the thinking on Hot Stove, where Ken Rosenthal was recently asked if he had any bold predictions for the meetings. His answer? Francisco Lindor to the Dodgers.

“I say that knowing that the Indians drive a hard bargain,” Rosenthal said. “They’ve got many opportunities, or other opportunities to trade him. Deadline, next offseason, he’s got two years of control left.”

Despite this, Rosenthal was intrigued by his fellow The Athletic writer Jim Bowden’s proposal of the Dodgers sending Gavin Lux, Joc Pederson, and Ross Stripling to Cleveland in exchange for Lindor.

Rosenthal said that while he originally thought that wouldn’t be enough for the Indians to ship off Lindor and they would likely want more prospects, the thinking here is that Lux would be the second baseman of the future in Cleveland, essentially replacing Lindor.

“Gavin Lux would be Lindor’s replacement,” Rosenthal said. “Stripling has three years left of control. He’s a competent, accomplished major league pitcher to some degree. And Pederson, with one year left, certainly would give them the offensive boost in the outfield that they lose a little bit with Puig.”

While Rosenthal followed up his prediction by saying he doesn’t expect the Indians to do it, especially at the meetings, he concludes by saying that it is an “interesting thought.”


      1. Figure out a way to send Seager instead of Lux and then pull the trigger. I think if LA adds Gray, the Indians will include Kluber.

  1. That bow tied weasel doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The Dodgers aren’t trading half their farm for this guy and I don’t think they should because what we need is another ace and a setup/closer. We can get those by just paying money not prospects

      1. This is a good offseason for a team like ours who don’t like to part with prospects. Our needs happen to only cost money. Let’s hope this perfect offseason scenario doesn’t get squandered

        1. The best advice however, is to not be expecting too much and remember, it’s not just about whether to sign a FA or make a big trade, but also those players the Dodgers are targeting may simply not want to play here, based upon how management and Roberts handle the daily in game operations, lineup and constant position shuffling and so on. In other words, the Dodgers just might not be an attractive draw to these players at this point in time.

  2. Dodgers need to address pitching first! Another quality starter & 2 of the best relievers left on the market! If Friedman wants to do a trade with Cleveland, work a deal for Mitch Clevinger & Brad Hand.

  3. Lols Mike . Although the arrogance of Friedman being overconfident in his formula is quite similar to Hillary’s

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