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Dodgers’ Kenley Jansen and Yasiel Puig Show Off Their Soccer Skills

There is a lot of downtime when it comes to the life of a Major League Baseball player. Some play cards to pass the time. Others might utilize it to study up a bit more on the team they are facing that day. Then there are players like Yasiel Puig and Kenley Jansen who show off their soccer skills!

The two spent a bit of Kenley Jansen’s birthday scoring goals off of each other before Saturday’s game. Check out how close the kicker is from the goalie and how hard they kick it. I would hate to be the goalie in either video!

Then on Sunday Kenley Jansen posted another video of the two volleying the ball to each other using only their heads. Even Justin Turner got in on the fun, but a bad header by him ended the volley!

The Dodgers ended the regular season with a record of 104 wins and 58 losses, the most wins in the team’s history in Los Angeles. After a terrible stretch in September, including a losing streak of ten games, Los Angeles finished the season winning eight of their last ten games. I’m sure Kenley Jansen and Yasiel Puig weren’t playing much soccer in early September, so it’s good to see them doing it now right before October. It shows that the team is loose and having fun, something that is so vital to a healthy clubhouse!

The NLDS begins on Friday and I couldn’t be more ready. Hopefully the Dodgers can keep up their recent success and end Los Angeles’ 29-year World Series drought!

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