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Dodgers: Kenley Jansen on the Wish List of One NL East Team

Finding a lockdown closer has become a necessity in today’s game, but finding one that can constantly get the job down is a rarity. Kenley Jansen became that guy for the Dodgers during his tenure with the team and while he endured several bumps along the road over the past couple of seasons, he showed in the second half of this past season he can still be trusted.

With him now hitting free agency once again, opposing teams will surely be interested in adding him to their roster. According to MLB Insider John Heyman, Jansen is on the wish list of the Philadelphia Phillies. 

The Phillies are looking to significantly upgrade their bullpen and find a new closer after the position did not yield positive results. Longtime closer Hector Neris fell apart in the dog days of summer and also hit free agency this winter. While they are interested in bringing him back, it won’t be as their ninth-inning guy. The Phillies will be looking for a better option to close out games in order to get back into the postseason behind star Bryce Harper.

Unfortunately for them, the Dodgers will be in the mix. Both Jansen and Los Angeles both would love to keep the relationship going, yet the Dodgers have plenty of other holes to fill and are tied up this offseason in terms of salary space. Jansen would seemingly have to take a cheaper deal to stay in Los Angeles but would he be willing to? The Phillies may be more inclined to pay up to sign Jansen after getting a poor season from their pen so staying in LA is no lock.

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  1. It’s kind of presumptive to say Jansen would have to take a cheaper deal to stay in L.A.. Cheaper than what? His last contract? Cheaper than other teams would pay?? He’s going to get offered what he is worth as a closer. The third year of his next contract could be up for debate, but manageable. The unique part of staying in L.A. is that he would share closing duties. He knows how he would be used here and hasn’t bolted for the door.

  2. I wish Kenley luck, he’s been a great Dodger but asking him to close when he struggles against the top and middle of the order for that much money is a stretch. Drrrrrr used Trienen against the strength of the order in the 8th as well as Kelly in the 7th to help Kenley. Kenley’s post season blunders weren’t because he was off, it was just because he pitched around better hitters usually walked them and got behind always pitching out of trouble. There’s a reason Drrrrr left him in the pen while letting urias close out the World Series. ” Greatest decision Drrrrrr has ever made”. If he won’t take a pay cut I say let him move on. It would be awesome someday in the future to go against Kenley at the end of a crucial game than rely on him. His age is a factor…No dissrespect to Kenley, but no one ever wins against father time. Ask JT……..

        1. Yes, with the emergence of Bickford ( Spicoli) Bruehl , Graterol etc. and Kahnle hopefully returning to dominance, if Knebel is signed for half of what Kenley wants, we could basically resign Kelly also. Both Knebel and Kelly were outstanding.. Then all the Dodgers have to do is get a manager that won’t burn them up throwing Bull pen games every time a Starter says they need a Spa day…..

  3. I suspect the hitch on Kenley and the Dodgers will be the length of the contract, not the annual pay. He had a bit of a slow start and a major hickup after the all star break, otherwise he was lights out. Not perfect, but really an outstanding season. But the current state of baseball is very risk adverse on age, and he’s going to want more than a year or two.

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