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Dodgers: Kenley Jansen Rewards Roberts’ Confidence in Win

The Dodgers bounce back on Saturday and defeat the Yankees 2-1. Tony Gonsolin picked up the 2nd win of his career after going 5 innings while allowing just 2 hits and 1 run. Justin Turner proved to be the difference maker with a 3rd inning, 2-run home run that stood up through a rocky, but scoreless 9th inning for Kenley Jansen.
Jansen earned his 27th save of the season after some bad luck and soft contact loaded the bases before he was able to strike out pinch hitter Gary Sanchez with a 94 mph cutter.
Following the win, the big man spoke with SportsNet LA anchor, Alanna Rizzo.

You can’t worry about the results…just have fun…after all these things, I’m throwing the ball really well, and the results is not getting out there. To me, it’s just to have fun again, and believe that cutter that everybody has been hitting, is still nasty.
Control your angriness, use it in the right stuff, and like I said, be happy out there, I was a happy man on that mound again today.
Jansen, of course, has face a lot of criticism of late, so the wonder was if his confidence had taken a hit. He squashed that quickly.
I never lose my confidence, I know who I am, and it sucks that the results is not there, and guess what, that cutter that everybody be hitting out, got me out of it today, so I guess it’s pretty good.
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Kenley’s manager added his thoughts on the big man in the 9th.
It was great for us — obviously for him, his confidence, and the way he threw the baseball, he didn’t give up any soft contact…it was a really well-played baseball game, all around.
Despite throwing mostly cutters against the power house Yankees, Jansen was able to get the job done and secure win number 86 for Los Angeles.

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  1. Thank you Kenley!

    I was not sure if you were going to get out of that 9the inning mess. Great job.

    Honestly, I am concerned with the Dodgers offense over the last 2 games with the Yankees, and our last 2 games in Atlanta too. Am also concerned with Ryu as well. Maybe he has pitched too many innings this year? I hope he can recapture his magic this year.

  2. Well Kenley did somewhat decent today ,maybe he should only close in” DAY GAMES ” Here He goes again I have my great ” STUFF BACK ” next chapter.

  3. It remains to be seen if he can sustain it. Let’s hope so.
    He did a great job today, no doubt about it., but one game does not a WS win make.

    Now if they can just get rid of Gyorko. Kyle Garlick is a much better option when a RH bat is needed. Gyorko is hitting barely over .200 and is slow & clumsy.
    Still waiting on Freese.

    I wonder if Gavin Lux can play first base. Now we’re talkin’.

    1. Let Lux play second and move Munce back to first, then let’s play on……….Gyorko and Tyler White are a waste of time. JMO. We miss Freese and Verdugo.

      1. Hey bluz1st, that is what I would recommend as well. When Lux gets here, and I am sure Dodgers see him as an everyday player and NOT a platoon player, let him play 2nd, Muncy is good enough at 1st and let’s stop shuffling round to extremes.

  4. Watching that ninth yesterday, stressful as usual. The Yankees were ripped off by the umpires. Plain and simple IMO…… should have been a tie game……On that fielders choice with one out and Gleyber Torres heading home, he should have been allowed to score. I have no idea how the umpire can grant someone (Smith/Jansen) a timeout while the play is still unfolding………..anyone know?

  5. There was a lot of traffic during that 9th inning for a myriad of reasons (that should continue to be cause for concern, specifically in high leverage situations.) Nevertheless, I am relieved for the win. Bluz1st, like you, I wonder how time was granted and Torres was prevented from scoring….can someone explain?

  6. The umpires can call timeout when they deem it necessary. On this particular play, the runner from 2nd base rounded 3rd and stopped. He then started back to 3rd base at about the same time, either his coach told him to go or he saw the player at 2nd on the ground with the ball in his hand, decided to go. Simultaneously, the plate umpire saw the runner stop and go back to 3rd, came from behind the plate and raised his arms indicating, timeout, just as Jansen asked for time. The plate umpire, seeing the runner return to 3rd and a player injured, suspends play. Simple as that. Had the runner from second not stop rounding 3rd and had continued play, he would have scored.

    1. That is what I saw watching the game. Besides Jansen, a real concern of mine is what the Dodger offense has done in the last 4 games… basically not much. A total of 9 runs in the past 4 games but somehow Dodgers won 3 out of 4 of the games. and the Dodger hitters striking out in the last 2 games, 25+ if I am accurate is or should be a concern as well because in the PS they will face much tougher pitching.

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