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Dodgers: Kenta Maeda Donates to Japanese Mudslide Relief

Earlier this month, torrential rains that lasted nearly a week caused devastating flooding and landslides across western Japan.  Photos of the damage are heartbreaking, and news outlets have reported casualties of 200+, with many still missing.  The damage was particularly bad in the Hiroshima Prefecture. That is where current Dodgers pitcher Kenta Maeda played from 2007 to 2015 while in the Nippon Professional Baseball League.

Japanese news outlets have reported the donation, and have quoted Maeda as saying:

I pray from the heart for the deeply depressed people who died due to the heavy rain in the western Japan.  The people who were affected, thinking that I would be able to help those who were rescued,  I made a donation with a lot of energy…*

*Translated from Japanese

It’s a disheartening situation for the people of Japan, and I can only imagine that the news is weighing heavily on Kenta, who has very strong ties to the region.


This is a standup move from a player and person that has continuously represented the Los Angeles Dodgers with class and grace.  Kenta’s shown the laudable ability to place the needs of others in front of his own  – we can all respect his dominance after being demoted to the bullpen last season – and this is just further proof of his tremendous character on and off the field.

You can learn more about the recovery efforts here.

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