Dodgers’ Kershaw: Being The Best Isn’t Good Enough

Being the best at what you do is good enough for some, but for Los Angeles Dodgers left-hander and ace Clayton Kershaw, it is not. Kershaw still wants the thing that has eluded both him and the franchise since his arrival — a world championship. It’s the thing that after all these years still motivates him.

Kershaw recently was able to talk to Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports about some things, and it became quite apparent that Kershaw still wants more out of his career than just being remembered as the best pitcher of his generation. For some, that’s good enough, but not in his case. You have to respect that.

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From Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports:

“All the individual stuff will be great when you’re retired 10 years down the road,” Kershaw said. “You can look at it all. But it’s not why we play the game. Watching guys win the World Series, it looks like a lot of fun. I kind of would like to do that.”

You have to respect this outlook from a player who, at 27 years old, is the best at his profession. It’s like watching a world-famous artist want to achieve more in their life rather than just being famous for something. Kershaw is the best at what he does, yet he still yearns for far more than that.

Winning a World Series would definitely be the icing on Kershaw’s legendary career, a career that will earn him a spot in Cooperstown whenever he decides to hang up his glove and cleats. Even at 27, Kershaw is looking at the big picture. He’s been in the big leagues for a while now, and that title still escapes his grasp.

Hopefully the team can help deliver him what he so desperately craves. Hopefully he’s the one on the mound for the team when they ultimately do win the title. It’d be a fitting chapter in the story of his career and life. Kershaw is the best pitcher in baseball, but he still wants more. As we all do.

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  1. Contrary to what some fans think, it ain’t that easy……Just ask the superstars who never tasted one. Ernie Banks, Ted Williams, Ron Santo, Barry Bonds……the list goes on. It takes a full team effort, ala 2010 Giants, 2016 Royals, and various others you could name, and as Tommy Lasorda said, a lot of luck……unless of course, you are the 1927 Yankees.

  2. Michael Norris Thank you Mike. What player in all of sports don’t want to be a part of something special. You probably have more players in all sports that were HOF’s that didn’t win one than that did. I live in Chicago and always loved Banks’s enthusiasm and wish better for him, while all the time being a Dodger fan. But that doesn’t diminish his accomplishments. About those Giant teams that you mentioned, the only Hall Of Famer that i’ve seen is probably Bruce Botchy. So as you mentioned it is a team effort.

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