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Dodgers: LA Insider Thinks Zack Greinke Could Help ‘Thin’ Rotation




The current Dodgers starting rotation is far from the 2021 cadre of aces. Los Angeles will likely need to improve the backend of the rotation to pave the way to a successful 2022. Could former Dodgers ace Zack Greinke be the answer?

Max Scherzer is now a New York Met. Trevor Bauer is embroiled in sexual assault allegations. Clayton Kershaw’s missed the second half of the season with an elbow injury and is currently a free agent.

Greinke could help bridge the gap between Walker Buehler and Julio Úrias and the rest of the starting staff. Tony Gonsolin, Andrew Heaney, and David Price are all question marks. As is Dustin May’s return from 2021 Tommy John surgery.

Dodgers insider David Vassegh strongly supported the idea of a Greinke return this week on Dodger Talk.

“He had a pretty good year with Houston last year…he was still able to have an era in the AL West under 4.00. He would help these younger pitches get better like [Ryan] Pepiot, Bobby Miller, Landon Knack. He would help their pitching staff get better.”

Greinke’s Leadership Upside

Greinke is a unique personality. He also one of the most prepared pitchers in the MLB. His incredible pitching repertoire is what got him to the majors. His work ethic is the reason he’s made multiple All-Star teams on the wrong side of 30.

He could help mold the next generation of Dodgers starters in addition to solidifying the rotation.

Greinke by the Numbers

To Vassegh’s point, Greinke recorded a 3.62 ERA against divisional opponents. The AL West isn’t a buzzsaw, but it’s encouraging that Greinke was effective against hitters who see him multiple times a year. The only blemish is his 6.51 ERA in his starts against the Texas Rangers.

He finished the 2022 season with a 4.16 ERA in 29 starts. In his first 26 starts, Greinke had a 3.41 ERA. Four poor starts to finish the year (20 ER in 15.1 IP) drastically inflated his ERA.

Final Thoughts

The Dodgers don’t need Greinke to be the perennial Cy Young contender he was in Los Angeles.

What they need, is a quality veteran starter to strengthen the rotation.

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Eric Eulau

Born and raised in Ventura, not "Ven-CH-ura", California. Favorite Dodger Stadium food is the old school chocolate malt with the wooden spoon. Host of the Dodgers Nation 3 Up, 3 Down Podcast.


  1. I think Greinke would be a great addition.Exactly ehat you wrote, he csn eat up innings, give you wuality starts and help the youth. Especially if he had an incentive laden cl tract.
    But some kind of trade still needs to happen before him or Clayton or any other free agent gets signed, otherwise we lose a good player from our 40 man

  2. Yeah, the Dodgers are in desperate need of a pitcher who can go 4 innings and give up 5 runs.

  3. Going to sign an over the hiller, then might as well go back to Rich over the Hiller. He’s 58 years old and throws harder than money grab Greinke

  4. Why add another old pitcher ? Price can give you Greinke numbers.let’s give the young arms some more experience for the future!

        1. I don’t think you understood your own comment then. Price is not a good reference point for anything

          1. Let me explain.The article is about possibly adding 38 years old Geinke.I don’t think we need him since we already have 36 years old Price. Price pitched 73 innings with a 4.03 era. Price sucks and is totally useless?Greinke pitched 171 innings with a 4.16 era.Who knows what Price’s era would be if he pitched 171 innings,but I don’t need to know because I’d rather see those extra innings go to some young arms….I hope this clears things up for you.

  5. I’d rather sign Carlos Rodon and trade for someone like Shane Bieber, Kyle Hendricks, and or Tyler Glasnow.

  6. Stick a fork in him, he’s done. I watched him pitch multiple times last year and he was lit up a lot. Even when he got people out, he was hit hard. Simply put, he isn’t worth the money it would take to sign him. A middle man at best. Buyer beware.

  7. Vassegh is too stupid and too far up Roberts backside to be a valuable “insider”.
    I use that term in quotations did to the fact that he’s not a legitimate “insider”. He’s not part of the front office speaking on anonymity. He’s not the Dodgers mouthpiece or official spokesperson. He’s just a guy on the radio who gives takes before and after the game, and thinks former players who were outfielders can be good enough managers to handle a pitching staff.

    That being said, greinke burned his bridges upon his departure from the Dodgers and now he’s a former Astro on top of being a former D-bag.

    1. greinke gave the dodgers 3 interstellar years of extreme excellence. and hes incredibly intelligent. sure , he looks like hes nearing the end but if you lower his workload he can eat a small fraction of innings with good performance possibly. you just cant exceed his threshhold be cautious with his innings and preperation. then its a matter of cost. hes fading fast so maybe one year at 5 million or less. hed be a great addition to the club as a player and then as organizational talent to assist in solving the teams dilemmas. greinke is a smart dude.

      1. He needs to be in the pen then. Can’t have relievers covering 5+ innings whenever he starts. Roberts already destroys the pen enough

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  15. I like the thought of Grienke as a mentor for the young guys, especially if Kershaw chooses NOT the Dodgers…

    1. Grienke has always been the odd one or an introvert.I’m not sure if that type of personality would make a good pitching mentor.

      1. Zach is a closeted oddball who showed how crazy he can be when he threw the cargo doors open and tossed Puig’s gear off the bus. That’s not a mentor. That’s a psychopath.

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  16. I think Grienke would be an excellent addition to the pitching staff while we wait for Dustin May to come back. He has an excellent reputation for quality starts and is a future HOFer with little injury history. With him on the mound for six or more and a quality relief staff in place, the Dodgers will be in every game he pitches.

    It’s funny to see the same people worshipping MadMax hating on Grienke even though they’re basically the same age. His ERA is largely due to over reliance on his arm. With a 4.06 ERA, he’s basically a guy leaving after six with less than three runs on the board. That is solid and I’ll take it every time.

  17. Dodgers will still need a veteran arm at the back end of the rotation. I’m fortunate enough to get to see Knack, Miller and Pepiot pitch. That being said none of them are ready yet. I would say Knack is probably the furthest away. I always liked Greinke and his personality is probably perfect for this new class of pitcher coming up to learn from.

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