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Dodgers: Latest Opening Day Lineup Predictions for 2023 Season

The Los Angeles Dodgers enter the 2023 season with some question marks in the lineup for the first time in a while. As opposed to last year, when they had too many starters for their lineup, this year, there are some unknowns.

Is Miguel Rojas going to start on a full-time basis? How much playing time are the young guys going to get early in the year? And how long will Trayce Thompson’s leash be in center field?

The experts at Dodgers Nation answered all these questions and a lot more, as they made their predictions for LA’s Opening Day lineup. With over two months until the season starts, these may very well change. But for now, here’s how we see things shaking up:

There are some similarities in the predictions, but overall, they’re all pretty different — and that just shows how little we know at this point in the offseason. Dodger fans should start to get a better sense of the lineup as Spring Training gets going, but for now, we’ll have to continue to wait and see how things shake up.

What do you think the Dodgers’ lineup is going to look like on Opening Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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Noah Camras

Noah is an Editor for Dodgers Nation. He graduated from USC in 2022 with a B.A. in Journalism and minor in Sports Media Studies. He's been a Dodger fan his whole life, and his all-time favorite Dodgers are Matt Kemp and Russell Martin.


  1. I guess this is what us dodger fans love to do is play GM. Well before I make my lineup some thoughts. With the San Diego becoming the new Yankees of the west and them being all in on Ohtani next year and the fact that Guggenheim won’t pay up to out bid them they might as well suck it up with the luxury tax that we all well know they can afford because the dodgers are a money printing machine. So I feel should make a blockbuster trade with Milwaukee, the brewers are ready for a rebuild and the dodgers have the prospect talent to do it. Trade Gonsolin and prospects Diego Cartaya,Micheal Busch,Ryan Pepiot,Andy Pages and forgiving them is top talent they must take Chris Taylor and his contract and in return the dodgers Christian Yelich,Willy Adames and Corbin Burns. This will match Anything San Diego does. Here’s my opening day lineup. Betts/RF,Adames/SS,Freeman/1B,Yelich/LF,Smith/C,Martinez/DH,Muncy/3B,Thompson Or Outman/CF,Lux/2B. There you have it. If only Friedman and Guggenheim had the guts.

  2. 1. Betts RF
    2. Lux 2B
    3. Freeman 1B
    4. Smith C
    5. Muncy 3B
    6. Martinez DH
    7. Hayward CF
    8. Thompson LF
    9. Rojas SS

  3. The Dodgers lineup has a lot of question marks. That being said, after looking at their bats, the first assumption I make is that Thompson, with a low avg, high strike out rate, and power, doesn’t win a starting position. As his weak average, makes him more of a pinch hitting sub, coming in when LF or CF are injured. As Thompson playing full time profiles to have 25 to 35 homer power, but a weak average to go with it. On the other hand I see Outman winning the starting position in CF. They both profile for 25 to 35 hr, so both have power and both have high strikeouts likely. But, where Thompson lacks in hits, getting singles and doubles, Outman should excel and swing a strong bat, keeping his starting role. At RF is Mookie. However, 6 or 7th innings I could imagine Mookie rolling from RF to 2B, for up the middle defense. When Mookie goes to 2B, RF opens for Pages, Busch, Vargas, Thompson, CT3, or Heyward. Looking at LF, with CF Outman and RF Betts. LF also has question marks. CT3 is a great option defensively, but with his low avg and high strike out rate, this is a position that may be filled in by several options. As CT3 can find himself playing SS, 2B, or 3B in the IF, or with the depth of this team. The bench.
    Filling in at LF, will be Thompson, Pages, Busch possibly and Vargas. But, Vargas, may be better suited at 3B time, but is weak at 3B D. Does Vargas’s bat perform and keep him in the lineup? Can Vargas play LF effectively? Can he D 3B without a high error rate? Looking at the IF. 3B looks a lot like primarily Muncy or Vargas. With the last option both CT3 or Rojas. Then SS, where Lux is hyped with fan support, despite his weak D. He has yet to average less than 1 error per 10 games at SS and fans are hyped to see him bat 290 to 310 average and exceed a .350 OBP. Lux’s power has been absent at the MLB level, can it return? Does a buffed up Lux, bring a new look with a stronger arm? We could see Rojas coming in for Lux at SS, 6th or 7th innings, or starting Kershaw games and games where D is expected to play an important role. When Vargas at 3B, Muncy is at 2B. But 2B has options too. Muncy is the first option, when Vargas is at 3B. However, 2B can also be Busch’s big bat or Betts for big D and bat. Other D options at 2B include CT3 and Rojas, these two also sub for Lux at SS. Freeman at 1B is the only solid position without a ton of options. But as needed Vargas and Muncy can both play 1B. Catcher is very solid with Smith. But, Barnes has his games matched with pitchers and Cartaya is bitting at their heels for service time.

    Best 3 options for the lineup:

    DLineUp with Rojas at SS…OPTION:A1
    1MB RF
    2FF 1B
    3JD DH
    4WS CA
    5MM 2B
    6Outman CF
    7Pages/Thompson/Busch/CT3 LF
    8Rojas SS
    9Vargas 3B

    DLineup Option A2
    3Outman CF
    5Muncy 3B
    7Busch 2B
    8Rojas SS
    9Vargas/CT3 LF

    Lineup Super D Option:A3
    1.MB 2B
    2.FF 1B
    3.Outman CF
    4.WS CA
    5.JD DH
    6.MM 3B
    7.Thompson/Pages/Busch/Vargas RF
    8.Rojas SS
    9.CT3 LF

    Other lineups are Lux at SS not Rojas….
    Lux can bat 9, 1, or 2. But let’s look at them

    Option L:B1
    9 GL SS
    1 MB RF
    2 FF 1B
    3 Outman CF
    4 WS CA
    5 JD DH
    6 MM 3B/2B
    7 Busch 2B
    8 Vargas LF/3B

    Option Lux ;L:B2

    1 GL SS
    2 Outman CF
    3 FF 1B
    4 MB RF/2B
    5 WS CA
    6 JD DH
    7 MM 3B/2B
    8 Busch 2B/OF
    9 Vargas/CT3 LF/3B

    There exist a lot of options on this team that has great depth.

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