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Dodgers: Latest PECOTA Projections Have Los Angeles Winning the Most Games in 2021

The Dodgers have some serious lineup turnover to deal with from their 2020 World Series team. Key pieces from years past have already departed in free agency, and they are now facing the potential of watching Justin Turner walk as well. 

Despite that, the Dodgers enter the 2021 season as the heavy favorites. Adding Trevor Bauer into the mix certainly helped with that, but a lineup with Mookie Betts is always sure to shine. Most projections from around MLB have Los Angeles dominating in almost every category. 

The latest updated PECOTA standings following the news of Trevor Bauer is very good for the Dodgers. They have Los Angeles winning 103 games and absolutely dominating their way through the NL West. The projections have the Padres in second place at 96 games, tied for the second-most wins in the NL. 

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The PECOTA projections also have the Dodgers scoring 921 runs, the most in MLB by a wide margin. At just 693 runs against, Los Angeles fell short to the Padres by just over 20 runs. The additions of Blake Snell and Yu Darvish this offseason already appear to have made a difference. 

Other Interesting Notes: The PECOTA standings had the Braves finishing way down in 4th place in the NL East despite coming off of an NLCS loss. It also has the Brewers winning a very weak NL Central now that Bauer is out of the division. 

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  1. Last year I predicted 104 wins. I believe projections for a full season was 106. Friedman will address the right-handed infield 3rd base need with someone. It will be JT or ? So I will say 105 this year. The Padres and Giants should be improved. The Rockies not. Cards are improved however Cubs, Brewers and most others are the same or weaker. Mets and Braves will be better.
    Pitching is the key in baseball as we all know. Do you think Artie Moreno will ever figure that out? The Dodger starting rotation is lights out. The Bullpen is improved especially as of now with May and Gonsolin moving into the pen. I think Knebel and Morrow will both be very good.

  2. My axiom has always been, “you can never have too much good pitching.” The Dodgers are in the penalty zone with regard to overall salaries. They could try to move Price, but being he hasn’t pitched for more than a year, the prospect return may be slim. If Price comes back energized he may be worth keeping. This protects the rotation and gives the Dodgers plenty of cushion to make sure the best pitchers are healthy for October.

    1. I am fully prepared to change my screen name in accordance with the number of wins. As long as they go up. Dodger110W has a nice ring to it!

  3. What is with MLB f*n with the baseballs? They can’t leave their grubby f*n mitts (LOL) outta the game without screwing with it one way or the other. Just because a team has the power and ability to jack the ball over the fence doesn’t mean that the stupid MLB has to interfere with the game to their liking. Give the fans a reason to buy seats where they think they can bring home a souvenir or there won’t be a reason to asks more money for those “prized” seats!

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