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Dodgers Legend Reggie Smith Emotional Over All-Star Game Coaching Selection

It was recently revealed that former MLB slugger and 1981 World Champion with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Reggie Smith, would be joining Dave Roberts’ National League coaching staff for the All-Star Game in Colorado next week.

The 7-time All-Star joined am570’s David Vassegh to discuss how it felt to be asked to join Doc’s staff. Reggie, understandably, was caught a little off guard.

I had to go back and I said are you kidding me? and he [Roberts] said, ‘no this is something that I wanna do and it’s something that I feel you deserve.’

Smith played 17 seasons in the big leagues before assuming various coaching roles with the Dodgers under legendary manager Tommy Lasorda. His last foray into pro coaching was as the hitting coach for the 2008 USA baseball Olympic team.

With such a long time away from the game, understandably, the 76-year-old felt the weight of the moment.

It was an emotional moment for me. Talk about things coming full circle. The fact that he was wanting me on his staff, to be a part of his staff for such a prestigious event, that I’ve always considered the all-star game, and I kept telling him you have no idea what this means to me and what it’ll mean to my family.

The 7-time All-Star and former hitting coach will be a more than welcome sight when he takes his place next to Roberts for 2021’s All-Star Game.

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  1. Tommy fired him! I did not know that. If Tommy fired him it must have been a personality problem

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