Dodgers Legend Ron Cey Shares Thoughts on World Series Hopes, Appreciation for Veterans

We caught up with the Penguin himself as the Dodgers hosted about 350 active duty, and military veterans on Veteran’s Day. Yes, Ron Cey is extremely appreciative of what all service members do for this country.

Additionally, we took to the time ask him a bit about the current club’s World Series struggles and relating it to what the Dodgers of his time experienced.

“The Penguin” Ron Cey knows plenty about World Series struggles. Cey and the Dodgers lost back to back World Series to the New York Yankees in 1977 and 1978. LA had also lost the ’74 Series to the Oakland Athletics. Eventually, the record-setting infield was able to reach the top as the club upended the Yankees in 1981 to bring home the fourth world championship in Los Angeles, and fifth overall for the franchise.

Now as we see the modern Dodgers struggle to get over that final step, there are parallels we can draw on from Ron Cey.

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