Dodgers: Lindor, Clevinger, and Betts Trades that Could Work for LA

Francisco Lindor. Mike Clevinger. Mookie Betts. David Price. Lots of names have been thrown out and lots of people have tried to make their best Dodgers trade proposals. Some are spot on and some are way off.

We are going to try to fall somewhere in that prior group with three trades we believe the Dodgers should make that benefit all parties involved.

Trade #1

Smiles and Sunshine Find Smiles and Sunshine

Indians Trade: Francisco Lindor, Mike Clevinger

Dodgers Trade: Corey Seager, Joc Pederson, Dustin May, Jeter Downs, DJ Peters

According to Baseball Trade Values, the Dodgers would be surrendering $161.7 million in trade value, while the Indians would surrender $145.9 million in value. While the Dodgers would be losing some in terms of value, trades where you receive the two best players in the deal make it worthwhile. Also, this deal would allow the Dodgers to basically absorb the $16.7 million on Lindor’s estimated arbitration figure by sending Joc Pederson ($8.5 million) to a team that needs outfield help and Corey Seager ($7.1 million) to a team losing their franchise shortstop.

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This deal works all the way around with the Indians getting two major league players — one capable of stardom — and three very high-upside prospects. The Dodgers would be receiving not just one of the best shortstops in the game, but one of the best players in the game. In addition, they would be receiving probably the most underrated pitcher in the game, a top-ten starter when healthy in Mike Clevinger.

Trade #2

LA Bets on Betts

For the sake of this deal, it would be contingent on the Red Sox allowing the Dodgers a negotiation window to extend Mookie Betts.

Red Sox Trade: Mookie Betts

Dodgers Trade: Alex Verdugo, Ross Stripling, Edwin Rios, Mitchell White

As currently constructed, Mookie Betts is valued at $50 million in 2020. The reason the value of Mookie Betts is so low is because he is under contract for just one year. Remember the haul the Dodgers gave up for a half-season of Manny Machado? No? That’s because it wasn’t a haul at all.

Alex Verdugo’s years of control plays a big role in this deal. As-is, Betts ($50.0 million) and Verdugo ($50.1 million) are practically even assets. The Dodgers could toss in a few extra prospects in Edwin Rios and Mitchell White along with a controllable starting pitcher like Ross Stripling. All in all, the Dodgers would receive $50 million in value and the Red Sox would receive $76.8 million. If the Red Sox grant the Dodgers a negotiation window for an extension, it makes it all worth while.

In the process, the Red Sox would also be freed up of around $26.7 million, their supposed goal of the off-season.


If the Dodgers do make trades with the Indians or Red Sox, the framework will most likely look something like this. Honestly, the Dodgers could pull both trades off. However, it is unlikely that even one of these gets completed. We can always dream, though, right?

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Daniel Preciado

My name is Daniel Preciado and I am 19 years old. I am a sophomore Sport Analytics major and Cognitive Science and Economics dual minor at Syracuse University. When I am not in New York, I live in Whittier, California --- not too far from Chavez Ravine. I am pretty old-school for being an analytics guy and I will always embrace debate. Also, Chase Utley did absolutely nothing wrong.


  1. Trade #1 is just a horrible deal for the Dodgers. In your own words the Dodgers are overpaying for Lindor and Clevinger, and it is likely even a worse deal when the future values of May, Downs, and possibly Peters escalate. Take a look at Lindor’s offensive stats away from hitter friendly Progressive Field and compare those with Corey Seager. Using your trade values Seager is almost as valuable as Lindor, and he sat out the 2018 season. And May is valued higher than Lindor. Moving Seager for Lindor is a push, simply moving similar players with the same number of years of team control. Trade #2, Boston is not going to agree to a negotiating window to any team, and Betts has already said that he is going to test free agency. But your trade proposal would likely put Betts in a Dodgers uniform for a one year rental.

    1. Lindor bats .258 from the right, how does that solve the Dodgers’ lack of efficient right handed hitters, especially coming from a stats-oriented FO. Sometimes their thinking lacks common sense.

  2. Can’t believe they keep hammering away at this. The Dodgers sit and will win a 100+ and make the playoffs and World Series.

    1. You could give up May since you’d be getting a proven starter in Clevenger. You could give up Pederson as a pure platoon player, but I’d rather give up Verdugo since he has the lingering back issue. I wouldn’t trade Seager for two years of Lindor and the same defensive issues at third. I would shift Seager to third, Turner to first, Muncy to second. Or you could just trade Lux and lesser guys for Clevenger and Lindor. I disagree with looking at Lux as untouchable. He is still unproven. Verdugo looked really good last year. Far better than Lux. But now he has serious question marks. Without Ryu, the Dodgers have a serious need for a proven starter. At this point they need Clevenger more than Lindor, but it would be nice to get both. But giving up May, Pederson and Seager is too much.

      1. Pederson is gone after this season, and we have 5 more years of Verdugo under club control. There is no comparsion to which player has more value to LA.

    2. A World Series maybe unless WSH is still determined and motivated to make it back. They are the only threat for the pennant. As far as a World Series goes the Yankees would demolish this team. We are built for the NL most years but not all of baseball. Classic Dodgers circa Brooklyn

  3. Yep sounds like the Dodgers.. give away the future,,for the now..get rid of clayton while he is worth something..

    1. You can’t give up much for one year of Betts. But Verdugo is damaged goods with his back injury that may bother him throughout his career. I’d offer him, and lessor guys for a Betts salary dump. I don’t know what the “window for an extension” means though.

  4. I like the Cleveland trade too. Would be nice if we could keep May, see if the Indians would accept Gonsolin, Mitch White, along with Seager, Maeda or Stripling, Dennis Santana & Joc Pederson. I’m sure if a deal happens though, it’s going to involve Lux or May and I don’t want to lose Lux!

  5. The real question here is do you as an true baseball fan believe Lux, May and Grey are going to be elite players? If so Don’t trade them!
    Except by some metrics defensively Lindor is not any better than Seager and Seager will eventually be moved to 3rd. Why trade players that are projected to be elite for an almost even trade? Makes no sense. And Betts is a 1 year RENTAL!!!
    May, Gonsolin, Grey, Lux are projected to be above average MLB Players. And if you want to criticize and say Projected! The Dodgers have been incredibly accurate on their projections with Seager, Buehler, Bellinger, Verdugo and this year Smith, Lux, May and Gonsolin.
    This year will be the break out of another elite young arm in Julio Urias. People never mention him but he may rival Buehler for ace of the staff in another year or two.The Future is bright! Celebrate!!

    1. Projections don’t always materialize. Verdugo competed for rookie of the year last year, until the back injury. The Dodgers need a proven starting pitcher to replace Ryu, and they will have to give something up to get him. By 2021, May, Gonsolin, and Urias will be viable starters, but they won’t be ready for anything but musical chairs in 2021. And we all know what happens when Roberts plays musical chairs too much.

      1. We get to agree to disagree. Urias was rated as high as Buehler before the injuries. Urias has thrown 97 since his recovery with several pitches at his command including off speed. he will be an ace in this league. May also throws 98-100 with late movement.
        Why have arguably the best Farm System network in baseball if they do not USE IT???
        It makes no sense to me to trade for a 1 year rental or trade for Lindor who is only marginally better than Seager. Seager is slotted to move to 3rd anyway as the Dodgers currently have Turner, Seager, Muncy, Hernandez, White, Lux Beaty, McKinstry and Rios on the 40 man roster as infielders. They have very talented players like Downs and Estevez at OKC. Look at the numbers on McKinstry, Downs and Estevez they will be key players in the MLB in a year or two.

        1. Tmaxter, as I understand it Seager is reluctant to be moved off of SS. As far as players ya mentioned here, Beaty and or McKinstry are more LHB that we don’t need and I would move them in the right deal.

    2. Accurate projections remains to be seen on all of those except Bellinger and Buehler. Urias isn’t that impressive at all, Seager is injury prone and can’t handle October or his position very well, and the rest you mentioned haven’t proven anything for a full season. Verdugo will have back problems every year likely, Smith was good for like what a month? Maybe month and a half, looked terrible after that, Lux was barely up here and took horrible postseason at bats he should not have started in the playoffs but that’s what happens when the Dodgers always have one foot in the future and one in the present did the same with Seager in 2015. May and Gonsolin looked good but still remains to be seen for a full major league season. Can’t really say they nailed their projections quite yet

  6. Friedman’s off season moves. Signs Barnes and Alexander, and Trienen. Losses, His 2- and best rotation starter, his best clutch right handed hitter off the bench. Once again subtraction of talent replaced with question marks. The team was bounced in the 1 st round last season and so far is weaker. The Yankees are stronger, Braves as well, Mets, Cards etc. So you guys think we could beat any of these teams in a 7 game series as we stand right now? Friedman does, he likes the teams chances to win the world series with his Triple A line up. Another question, did the Triple A club win their championship?

  7. You can’t trade Lux and May both they need pitching !it’s than anything since they let You go dumb move get a starting pitcher and bullpen help or have a qi Xbox k exit from the post season of you even get there.

  8. That trade is a fantasy. There is no way the Tribe s going to do something so stupid. I can understand the Dodgers wanting Lindor and even a deal for just Lindor would have to include Lux. As for Clevinger, he’s not going anywhere this year. LA should move on to Mookie.

    1. It’s amazing how they think Cleveland would trade stars for two 4th/5th starters in Maeda and Stripling (and yes that’s all they are I know you guys here like to overrate them) and Pederson. That’s the fantasy we all want but it’s not reality. A fair package would have to include 2 top prospects but I think that’s a bad idea so they should just move on

  9. No trade will work out unless they want to give up the whole future which I don’t recommend. Their chance to go over the top was on the FA market which they missed out on foolishly. They could’ve had another starter to pair with Buehler for just money, and we still need a set up guy. Betances is out there just sign him already FFS I think you’ve been cheap enough this offseason


    1. Jim, it was too late after last years trade deadline. Friedman thinks subtraction of talent = success. Foolish fantasy league GM at his finest.

  11. Clevinger is a nice pitcher, but he’s already 30, and has one season total in which he has made 30 starts. He has only 2 years of service time, but May is clearly more valuable, and has a higher ceiling. This deal avoids giving up Lux, but includes Seager, Pederson, and two other top LA prospects. I fully expect Pederson to go at some point this winter, so that the club can get something of value for a guy that they will not be able to retain after next year. It just doesn’t make sense at all for LA as you have it constructed. The team would still need a third baseman after next year (Turner’s final season under contract) and face breaking the bank to keep Lindor around.

  12. The Dodgers aren’t making any of these trades and will not sign anyone of significance. Their track record speaks for itself. They just let Ryu walk and most likely didn’t offer him a competitive offer. They would rather overpay for mediocrity than sign a significant player that could actually help win the World Series.

    1. History speaks for itself. You got that right.

      What makes anyone think the alcoholic won’t drink at the Christmas party?

      1. HAHAHA Mike I’ll be having shots of Jagermeister peach schnapps and cranberry juice all night tomorrow

  13. Any trade the Dodgers make will be based, first and foremost, on a salary dump. If any trade is going to cost, forgetaboutit!

  14. The Dodgers Organization blew this offseason like all the rest.
    The only thing that would make this offseason worse would be to trade away controllable talent for a year or 2 Rental.
    Just because this Font office FAILS to get any closer to a championship team (Not signing anyone to make this team better . it has only gotten worse and made more holes to fill) dosen’t mean they cant totally screw up this team and the future of the team by renting Lindor.
    Unfortunately this point I see the dodgers front office and anderw Friedman making the situation even worse through their incompetency.

    I can see how they would look at this as we can totally redeem ourselves Dumb and Dumber Style loyd Church aka anderw Friedman (not spending any money just dumping salaries at they expense of This Dodgers teams future.)
    This Dodgers team’s only saving grace is the youth we have held on to Belli, ect.
    think about it
    some of the young talent that we’ve brought up through our system. The Dodgers have made 0 substantial FA signings.
    we haven’t signed anybody Of note throughout the years. we have taken on some rentals but we haven’t actually signed anyone.
    What has made us more than competitive it’s all been brought through our system. At some point the dodgers should have signed a few top notch free agents. To push us all in and compliment the youth we have. I thought this Winter would have been the best opportunity for that. but here we sit.
    So the question isare they going to make their incompetency even worse for this team by taking on a few rentals.
    renting a player and trading away something that will make this team good for a long long time is how this FO I fear will make this situation worse.

  15. All these trade ideas make enough sense to do in one iteration or another, but it’s the Guggenheimer ownership!
    It or any other sound trade proposal that provides the Dodgers with high end talent at any position of need will not be made. This going on 5 years that the Ownership group has been consistent through and through! The regime’s goal is to be competitive and take the NL WEST Flag each year! It is not necessary to win more than that to keep the 3.5-4.0 ML going through the turnstiles, selling the most merchandise & pocketing all those profits from that $8.35 BL TV Deal. They showed you all many times that they are here to pocket profits! In a very weak NL
    West it is no problem staying on top and squeezing every penny of profit out this lucrative arrangement. No trades of any significance and certainly no longer term contracts to FAs or new acquisitions! How many times & how many ways do they have to prove this before you spit the bit and get a clue! BTW- It is a superb business plan & model, but it should not be applied to a Public Trust like the LOS ANGELES DODGERS INCORPORATED!!

  16. I am very disappointed that the dodgers haven’t signed anyone this off season. It is very obvious to the fans the weakness the dodgers have. They are cheap and counting on the young rookies to make it happen. Not!!! They played them in the WS and it backfire. They played the veterans and they won the game and then the next game they played the rookies again and lost. The dodgers are very predictable always making the same mistakes. Again and again. With the same results.

  17. Dodger Blue, exactly right! They’ be managed to divide loyal Dodgers fans like all of us here into believing somehow they can defy every team in the history of the games logic. No team had ever, nor will they ever win the world series with their farm team. Looking back, when the Lasorda took over for Alston, Lasorda had managed Garvey,Cey,Russell,Lopes,Yeager etc , and that group of players formed that awesome Dodgers team of the 70 into ,80s. Even that team didn’t win until they signed Players like Rick Monday,Dusty Baker Reggie Smith. That team lost 3 World series with those great players. This current team doesn’t have that good of farm players as those Dodger teams and Friedman just thinks he’s the cats meow of evaluating. Also, those Lasorda teams actually won in the minors together unlike any of these current guys! There’s something to say about learning how to win! The organizations philosophy is to play platooning and sabermetrics, and it doesn’t win at any of their levels, then they suddenly expect they can win with it at the MLB level. Absolute fools and dreamers! They need to go!

  18. well Doger Fan”s ,what will the Dogers screw up this year? what is so special about those so-called “phenom’s Baez and Urias? When are they going to stabilize the the infied? Second bas, thjird, and firstA real first and second base player.Long time fan in Utah. Rorts nam e should be”Dave Yank me” Rob erts. Finess Kershawyour power days are over be sneaky and clever with your pitched.

  19. We lost only to the eventual WS winner each of the last 3 years. The Dodgers will go to half of the next 10 WS with their core and a couple shrewd signings or trades along the way. If we believe in our stars, don’t trade them. Most of this free agent class is overrated compared to what we have already. If Mookie Betts dream is to play in LA, break the bank, otherwise, see where things are around the trade deadline. Better deals await.

  20. well Doger Fan”s ,what will the Dogers screw up this year? what is so special about those so-called “phenom’s Baez and Urias? When are they going to stabilize the the infied? Second bas, thjird, and firstA real first and second base player.Long time fan in Utah. Rorts nam e should be”Dave Yank me” Rob erts. Finess Kershawyour power days are over be sneaky and clever with your pitchesget areal first base player who soes’nt have top do the splits to field hard to handle balls.if thats what you want,hire a rockette.

  21. Betts isn’t a free agent yet.
    In a year when he is a free agent they’ll point back to these tragically insane articles about how aggressive the Dodgers front [put] off-ice persuit this guy.
    Then will go the talk about how the Dodgers can go all in and get him blah blah blah same stuff we have heard before
    Broken record all these narratives.
    First 2020 / 2021 Offseason Prediction.

    Rinse and repeat of the last 5 off seasons this one centering around Betts.

  22. By the way merry Christmas to my Dodger Brothers and sisters
    I wish I was wrong about alot of this. It is Heartbreaking .

    The dodgers have some of the most loyal And giving fans in all of baseball and the dodger organization keep taking from the fans without giving much back.

    To the Best Team in baseball with our without a 2020 World Series championship

  23. The Dodgers need a top notch pitcher, not a shortstop. I wonder if the Indians would go for a Verdugo, Gonsolin, Stripling deal for Clevenger? Dodgers could then roll out Buehler, Ckevenger, May, Urias and Kershaw with Maeda as another option in case of injury.

  24. Corey Seager alone is too much for an average pitcher and an overhyped shortstop whose numbers are inflated playing in a little league park,He’ll Joc would hit over 60 hrs playing for indians.Get Over It !Not Happenning!

  25. Dodgers aren’t making any more moves unless somebody wants to get pollock that’s it.we Don’t need anybody.Dodgers will win it all despite dumb roberts.

  26. Win the West, have 20 more bobblehead games and keep playing Gibson’s WS HR on the screen. That’s the Guggenheim plan.
    106 wins? Nope.
    3.8 million? Maybe.
    8 billion? Like In-N-Out, that’s what it all about!


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